Why Your Parents Should Love Video Calling

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Adam Grant

Without question, video calls are a wonderful technological advancement that can be used by just about anyone for a multitude of different purposes. For parents in particular, having access to an easy, safe, and reliable online meeting platform is very beneficial. 

Now, logic would tell us that lots of parents are already participating in many video conferences in both their personal and professional lives. How else could we explain the technology’s wild popularity and continual growth?

However, there are still parents in the world who haven’t quite gotten hip to the idea of video meetings. If you have this type of parent in your life, let us help you explain the perks of secure video conferencing to them.

More Family Time

In an ideal world, family members would live within a short distance of each other. As we grow up, though, schooling, careers, relationships, and other mitigating circumstances can take us away from one another. 

Video calls, fortunately, have become that wonderful tool in which kids can use to see their parents when travelling to see them isn’t immediately possible – or affordable. Additionally, when grandchildren are in the picture, a live video chat online is a nice way of keeping the younger generation better connected with their grandparents.

Reconnect Easier with Friends

No matter where your parent's friends might live, they may feel interested in opening their favourite video chat app to see them on a random night during the week.

Now, these calls do not have to be extended affairs. In reality, they could just be used as a more personal way of coordinating a weekly couples dinner, or to go over who will be bringing what for a weekend cottage getaway.

Less Texting

Previously, devising those aforementioned plans would be done over texting. However, as we all know, texting can be tedious after a while. That, and texting does not always deliver a prompt, well-thought out response from whomever you are conversing with.

When on a video call, your parent will always receive a quick response from whomever they are chatting with. What’s more, they won’t find themselves compulsively staring at their phone screen willing a text response to come through.

Offers Many Career Benefits

So many companies nowadays are making virtual meetings a more regular occurrence. By familiarizing themselves with an online meeting platform away from the office, parents will be much more comfortable logging into a video chat app for a weekly team meeting.

From there, they can observe how more experienced video callers in the company use such virtual meeting technology to deliver presentations and interact with clients. This is a wonderful learning opportunity that could set your parent up for future success in the business world. 

Fun Activities 

While it will already be super-fun to have a new way to communicate face-to-face with family and friends, video calling can also be used for enjoyable social activities.

For instance, a trivia tournament could be coordinated and played through an online meeting space like Banty. Or, a group of food and beverage aficionados can gather, pick up the same menu items, and have a virtual tasting session with one another.

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