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Banty’s Live Training service helps industry experts share their wisdom in an online classroom environment

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Whether you are a professional business coach or an industry veteran with vast knowledge to share with those in your field, Banty can help you connect with students.
Our experienced Live Training event team will help you film and stream your online education events to individuals based throughout the world.

Key Features and Services

Live Training Session Filming

Our exceptional camera crew will film your training session in a way that will help you effectively engage with all individuals attending virtually. Banty’s team has helped produce countless online education events.

Pre-Recording Possibilities

Not all elements of a training session need, or can be, presented live. That is why Banty offers you the ability to pre-record segments ahead of time either at our studio in the Greater Toronto Area, or a venue of your choosing.

Online Streaming Assistance

Banty is prepared to create an event-specific website for you. Here, the livestream of your live training session will be available. This will give you the opportunity to share your educational content to broader audiences, versus smaller, in-person sessions.

HD Quality Video

We understand that part of what keeps individuals focused during a live, online training event is a video feed that is crystal clear. As such our team will film your entire program in stunning HD quality video.

Program Recommendations

Are you uncomfortable in front of the camera, or unsure of how to conduct a live training session online? If so, Banty’s team can provide you guidance on simple things like how to address the camera, position lighting, as well as where to stand.

Q&A Discussion Moderation

The streaming event website we create for you can also act as the tool you use to have live interactions with attendees. To ensure the best questions make it through to the host, Banty’s team will moderate the online Q&A session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of set do I need to have for a Live Training session?
By and large, this is up to you. If sitting at a desk with a computer is most comfortable to you during the live training session, then you can go that route. Or, if you’d rather be on your feet with a tablet in-hand, that works also. We invite you to join us in person in our Greater Toronto Area studio, or you can connect remotely.
How will attendees see the slides and other educational resources I’ve created for the event?
Simply provide the Banty team with these resources as well as an indication as to where/when you would like them to appear on the screen. We will take care of the rest.
Does Banty control how my live training sessions are organized?
As the educator, we request that you devise a program in a format that makes best sense to you. However, we are here to offer guidance if you have any technical requirements/issues that need to be worked out.
Can tickets be sold for online training sessions?
Yes. The event-specific website we create on your behalf has ticketing functionality, allowing the host of the training session to charge admission.
How much does it cost to work with Banty on my live training sessions?
Since all events have differing requirements from a technical and manpower perspective, we recommend using the form below to contact Banty for a quote.

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