Bringing people, knowledge, and ideas together virtually

At the outset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, people throughout the world began turning to video calls as a safe, yet comfortable way to interact with family, friends, as well as those they work with. Banty Co-Founders and longtime friends Dr. Richard Tytus and Scott Wilson were no different.

As a way to conduct appointments with patients during a public health crisis, Dr. Tytus turned to available virtual medicine solutions, but found these options to be too complicated and unreliable for clinics and patients alike.

Meanwhile, Wilson – a lifetime entrepreneur with projects constantly on-the-go – began experiencing his own frustrations when using multiple video call platforms to conduct business. Namely, waiting rooms devoid of personality and functionality that left much to be desired.

It was at this time Dr. Tytus and Wilson realized the world of virtual meetings could be improved. Together, they began considering how to make a revolutionary video conferencing solution that would work equally well for the healthcare and business communities.

Dr. Tytus and Wilson immediately began focusing on ease-of-use, top-level online security, succinct productivity tools, as well as customizable features for all subscribers.

After much brainstorming, deliberation, talent acquisition, and product development, Banty was born.

Today, our medical and business video conferencing products are continuing to grow at an exceptional rate.

What’s more, the ever-evolving Virtual Events segment of our business makes it possible for those in all industries – including healthcare – to host large-scale online gatherings.

Banty’s ultimate goal is to become a global provider of personalized, high-quality, secure and easy-to-use video conferencing, virtual events and meeting room technology, with an initial focus on market penetration in the healthcare industry.

Banty is just beginning. Thank you for making us a part of how you interact with the world.