Make Your Biggest Virtual Meeting of the Year a Seamless and Engaging Experience

Banty has a wealth of experience as it relates to coordinating virtual business events. Use Banty to Host high-quality Annual General Meetings online.

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Key Features and Services

Customizing your virtual Annual General Meeting by creating a look and feel that’s representative of your business
Structuring the flow of your program and adding attention-grabbing production elements to it
Creating a website for your Annual General Meeting so that you can easily acquire attendee registration and provide these individuals with more information about the gathering
Providing guidance on how to effectively host a large online meeting
Troubleshooting any potential issues that may arise pre- or post-virtual event

Pre-Record Presentations

Members of the leadership team can pre-record their presentations with Banty’s production team to ensure the perfect message is delivered.

High-Quality Production

We can add elements like custom backgrounds, photos, graphics, news tickers, and sound effects to any HD video presentation produced for clients.

Live Polling and Q&A

To receive feedback on an important business matter, a live poll, or Q&A session, can be created for any Annual General Meeting.

Breakout Rooms & Chats

If a smaller group needs to step aside from the larger one for a conversation, they can gather in a private breakout room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hosting an Annual General Meeting online?
Hosting an AGM in a virtual environment makes it easier for all attendees to participate no matter where they may reside, or be working, the day in which the virtual meeting has been scheduled. Instead of having to book flights and make car and hotel reservations, individuals will only need to enter the meeting link on the device of their choosing.
What is the best way to structure an online Annual General Meeting?
To keep such an event moving in the right direction, it’s best to simplify the program as much as possible. This means creating a format that’s easy for presenters to follow and attendees to interact with. The team at Banty helps clients develop an Annual General Meeting format that is both highly professional and customizable.
Which Banty features should be included in an Annual General Meeting online?
One of the best features a client can request is the option to pre-record presentations ahead of time. Doing so allows for messages to be delivered concisely and without error. Live presentations can be risky due to the possibility of a person losing their train of thought, or having unexpected technical difficulties like an Internet outage.
How will Annual General Meeting participants be notified about the event?
Banty’s marketing team can help clients notify those who need to attend the virtual meeting. This can be done via email or social media campaigns. Additionally, an event website can be created to share program information, as well as important dates and times.
How much does it cost to create an Annual General Meeting with Banty?
Once a client reaches out to Banty to discuss the services required for this type of video conference, this will give us a better understanding of the manpower and time needed to execute what’s been requested. This information will allow Banty to present a fee that’s fair for all parties involved.

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