Turn your EMR into an enhanced virtual visit with Banty’s video conferencing solution

Banty is here to help you modernize the way your healthcare facility practices medicine and manages patients.

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Banty Enterprise can provide hospitals and large health systems a safe and secure video conferencing solution. Our platform is capable of being integrated into any EMR and is scalable to function within your professional environment – even if it features tens of thousands of healthcare professionals.

Nowadays, many RFPs (Requests for Proposals) make it clear that EMRs need to feature high-end video platform software. If your hospital or large health system does not have that as of yet, Banty Enterprise can quickly and conveniently provide a reputable solution.

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Both our Banty Virtual Clinic and Banty Workflow products can be embedded into other healthcare IT products.

Private and secure video calls

Banty Virtual Clinic is HIPAA/PHIPA compliant for virtual medicine and uses end-to-end encryption to keep appointments private.

Door Lock

All Banty Virtual Clinic meeting rooms have a virtual door lock feature that keeps unwanted guests from entering an appointment.

No more dropped calls

The bandwidth of all Banty Virtual Clinic calls can be adjusted so that it’s in-tune with your clinic’s Internet speed. For poor connections, calls can be converted to audio only.

Custom branding available

Your clinic can customize the look and feel of its virtual waiting room to make it more welcoming for patients.

Group calls

If your patient requires the assistance of a loved one during their virtual visit, your clinic can easily facilitate this situation using Banty Virtual Clinic.

Mobile apps

Your Banty Virtual Clinic meeting space can be easily accessed by patients using our free iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets.

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