Professional Grade Filming and Streaming of Corporate Events

Banty Live Event Streaming helps you produce, film and stream footage for gatherings of any size

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Are you hosting an event and need to deliver it virtually to a global online audience?

Banty’s experienced Live Event Streaming team can film the event as it’s happening, as well as pre-record special segments. From there, Banty ensures the live event is flawlessly streamed to attendees via an existing web domain of your choosing, or one the Live Event Streaming team creates specifically for the engagement.

Key Features and Services

Live Event Filming

Our highly-talented camera crew arrives at your event facility prepared to expertly film presentations, panel discussions, as well as crowd shots. Our team is equipped to handle rooms large or small.

Pre-Recording Presentations

If a keynote speaker is unable to make it to the studio, Banty’s team is able to pre-record and edit the individual’s presentation so that it can still be shared during the live event.

Streaming Website Creation

Banty can build an event-specific website that will be used to livestream your corporate event. As the event draws close, the link to this website is to be forwarded to attendees for streaming purposes.

High-End HD Production

We take great pride in providing our corporate clients with a top-notch production. Thus, you can always count on the footage we film and stream to be crisp, clear and cinema-quality for all viewers.

Program Guidance

Unsure about how to interject the pre-recorded sessions into the live event? Banty’s team is able to help you organize the footage in a way that is seamless and well-organized.

Q&A Session Moderating

Via the streaming website, comes the ability to encourage attendees to participate in virtual Q&A sessions. To make this easy on organizers, our team is able to assist in the moderation of these discussions.


To encourage audience engagement, a gamification campaign can be run throughout the course of the event. Here, participants will collect points for completing certain tasks (i.e., attending specific sessions, networking with vendors, etc.) for the chance to win a prize.

Networking Opportunities

Attendees can easily network with one another via a text chat space, or within a virtual exhibit hall where sponsors can set up booths to discuss their products and/or services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events does Banty provide live streaming services for?
Banty can help your organization film and live stream corporate events of all shapes and sizes. We have experience working directly with those in the business and medical sectors, but our services are flexible enough to serve most industries.
How does the pre-recording process work?
Banty has its own high-end production studio in the Greater Toronto Area that can be used to pre-record segments for corporate events. For speakers who reside outside of that region, we have the capability to help them create a well-produced video from a remote location.
What is the benefit of an event-specific website?
Having a website dedicated to a specific live streaming event makes it easy for attendees to find the event online and participate in it virtually. All they will need to do is click the link provided.
How big is the size of your production team?
The number of Banty staff members involved in filming and streaming an online corporate event varies depending on the size and scope of the event, as well as its technical requirements.
What is the cost of Banty’s Live Event Streaming service?
Banty helps corporations across most industries provide attendees with a well-filmed and easily stream-able event. To receive a quote, use the contact form below to contact a member of the Banty team.

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