Accredited Investors

Banty Inc. is focused on helping healthcare professionals implement a high-quality virtual medicine element into their practice; Giving businesses a better way to communicate; and providing multiple industries with the tools they need to host successful virtual events.

Banty Inc. offers a wide variety of engaging features geared toward ease-of-use, productivity, and maintaining personal connections.

A Banty accredited investor round is currently being held for:

(Accredited investor qualifications may differ across various states or provinces.)

Please note: A certified EMD (Exempt Market Dealer) is required to verify that you are an accredited investor before you may legally partake in a pre-IPO investment like Banty Inc. is currently offering.

Your information is kept confidential and will be accessed by Banty Inc.’s associated EMD for vetting. Once you are pre-approved as an accredited investor, our EMD will provide you with investment materials and invite you to a live, interactive investment presentation.

Thank you for your interest in this Banty Inc. investment round.

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