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"The Banty team saved the day!  They were true professionals. They stepped in, assessed the situation and made recommendations for our live stream event so that it ran seamlessly. They were well versed in the pheedloop platform that we were using and were able to take over many aspects of communication with attendees and sponsors. They created an introductory video for our event showing features of the platform to optimize the experience for attendees. We were able to focus on delivering our content knowing that they were on standby to handle any technical glitches and to troubleshoot with attendees who were having technical issues eg problems logging in etc. They created a show flow for the live event and helped to cue us at various stages of the event so that transitions were smooth and seamless.  They made it easy for us to focus on delivering our workshop and took care of the fine details. We were able to pre-record our presentations in case of technical glitches on the day and had the option of going into their professional studio to record. We hope to take advantage of this feature for future collaborations.We would highly recommend the Banty team and hope to work with them again in the future."


Continuing Medical Education from Home, Your Office, or Anywhere in the World

For doctors worldwide, it is essential they remain educated on the latest medical industry developments, trends, and breakthroughs. Banty’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) service is here to serve as a virtual venue for such online learning.

The Banty CME service provides Continuing Medical Education (CME) to medical professionals. Each CME session is brought to life using Banty’s high-end technological prowess, studio solutions, equipment, and other facilities. By making these events available online in a streamlined, yet engaging format, physicians can easily attend and secure their CME credits regardless of where they’re situated.

Banty CME events are accredited and supported through our partnership with the Hamilton Academy of Medicine (HAM).

Banty’s drive to provide only the best in CME accredited events has allowed us to become a respected, industry-leading CME provider.

How You Can Kickstart a Banty Continuing Health Education Event

As an educator, Banty knows you need to provide medical professionals with an experience that’s filled with exceptional information, well-versed speakers, and a welcoming online conference environment.

Banty’s CME team is here to ensure all of that happens. We will work with you to devise relevant course topics, vet speakers, make event-related recommendations, and answer all show planning questions you might have.

Once the details of your Banty CME gathering have been confirmed, the appropriate documents will be forwarded to the Hamilton Academy of Medicine for review. They will evaluate the proposal, and the Banty team with HAM will manage any updates required to get your proposal approved for accreditation; and we all know that an accredited event will draw many more medical professionals than one that is not.

Our Continuing Health Education Features

Live Q&As

To foster more interaction, Banty will moderate your conference’s live Q&A segments. This allows the person presenting to focus on the audience, and not get sidetracked by all of the questions flowing in.

CME Accreditation

Banty, in association with the Hamilton Academy of Medicine, will work with your team to ensure the event you hold qualifies for CME Accreditation. Our team is here to help you provide the top-tier continuing medical education healthcare professionals deserve.


Keeping participants engaged is key to having a successful CME event. This is why Banty makes it possible for you to poll attendees when discussing hot-button topics. Such an activity can help you better read the room and perhaps adjust the course of a conversation, or presentation, based on the immediate feedback you are receiving.

Hosting Assistance

Since running an online conference is intimidating for some, a member of the Banty team can be put in place to serve as your CME event host. This person will see that your show moves smoothly from point A to point B.

Banty CME Event Categories

We offer three categories of CME events.

Regular CME Events

These events are held on the last Wednesday of every month from 1pm to 3:30pm EST featuring new and exciting topics. They are open to medical doctors across Canada, either through a yearly subscription, or individual event tickets. Members of the Hamilton Academy of Medicine attend free of charge.

Selected CME Events

Continuing Medical Education events that are held at variable, individual times, offering CME opportunities with particular focus, or foci. The time, date, topics and duration for each Selected Continuing Health Education Event is tailored to the preferences of individual or partnered sponsors.

Private CME Events

Private CME Events are hosted by individual CME credit hour providers, plugged-in to Banty support, technology, facilities and studio solutions. They can be commissioned by any individual or institution authorized to provide CME credits in Canada. Banty’s platform utilizes the security, participation monitoring and interactivity required to receive Main Pro Plus credits.

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Regular CME Events and Selected CME Events provided by Banty CME may be hosted by Marc Tytus, Vice President for Banty, along with Jessica Wooder, Executive Director for the Hamilton Academy of Medicine. With their flair and magnetism, Marc and Jessica are the kind of hosts continuing medical education companies dream of. Sponsors may also choose a host for each custom continuing health education event.

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Questions during the Q&A sessions offered during Regular CME Events and Selected CME Events may be moderated by Dr. Stephen Tytus. Sponsors may choose a moderator for custom CME events.


Banty CME offers a wide range of options to create an enhanced, educational experience that is very engaging for all participants.  Provide us with your contact details and a Banty CME pricing specialist will follow up with you ASAP and provide a quote that best matches your objectives and budget.

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What are CME Credits?

Even after medical school, doctors are expected to earn credits through continuing medical education activities. In order for these credits to count, the CME seminar needs to be accredited by an entity like the Hamilton Academy of Medicine.

Why Produce a CME Event with Banty, Canada's Top CME Provider?

High-End Production Value

Every Banty-produced CME conference features cinema-quality video designed to make your event ‘pop.’ Speakers will appear far more vivid to the audience, while any presentation materials they use will jump off the screen.

For an even more vibrant experience, Banty’s production team can add tickers, graphics, titles, sound effects, or a digital background to your video stream.

Marketing Done Right

Banty’s well-established relationship with those in the medical field make us uniquely capable of marketing your event to those who should be attending it.

To see that all the hard work you put into your CME event is rewarded, Banty will leverage its medical industry contacts and resources to ensure your gathering is well-attended.

A Strong CME Reputation

When organizing your CME event with Banty, you have the forum to create an educational experience that you feel would be important, engaging, and of interest to physicians. As you put on more of these high-quality events each month, those in the medical community will begin specifically seeking out your CME events.

Attract Co-Sponsors

If you work with a number of sponsors to put on a CME event, Banty can create virtual exhibitor booths for each of them. These can be visited by show attendees, and serve as a great way to network with others inside, or outside, of your industry.

Course Material Assistance

When developing an online CME conference with Banty, you will want to come up with continuing medical education courses that are current and resonate with medical professionals. If you have course ideas, but need assistance sharpening their focus, Banty can help you realize your vision.

“On behalf of the Merck team, I wanted to let you know that yesterday’s event was a tremendous success for all. From start to finish, this was the best virtual event I have seen to date. Banty and the Hamilton Academy of Medicine have set the bar for future virtual events. Your team has created the new standard, so congratulations on this amazing event. I am already excited to see what banty will create for when we reconvene in 2022. Thank you, on behalf of the Merck team.”
Merck Team
“Hi Dr. Tytus, I just wanted to congratulate you on the success of Hamilton Academy of Medicine 104th Annual Clinical Day. Although a very different clinic day than years past it was amazing. The content was top-notch and having the pre-recorded presentations was actually better in my opinion. Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks and well done. Very glad Janssen was able to be a part of the event and we truly appreciate all the work you and your family put into it.”
Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
“Thank you, Banty Plus for making our virtual conference come to life.  As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on events to raise the funding needed to advance our organizational objectives. The Banty team helped us quickly adapt to the realities of the pandemic and guided us through the transition to hosting events on a virtual event platform.  Our virtual conference looked professional, attractive and was more successful than ever before.”
Jessica Wooder, MCM
Executive Director
Hamilton Academy of Medicine