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The Banty CME service provides Continuing Medical Education (CME) to medical professionals.

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Banty CME sessions are brought to life using our high-end technological prowess, studio solutions, equipment, and other facilities.

By making these events available online in a streamlined, yet engaging format, physicians can easily attend and secure their CME credits regardless of where they’re situated.


Banty CME offers a wide-range of benefits to Educators, Sponsors and Healthcare Professionals.
  • Event Management expertise
  • Event promotion via email campaigns targeted to those in Banty’s database
  • Accreditation assistance via our association with the Hamilton Academy of Medicine
  • Help with developing sponsorship relationships and opportunities
  • High-quality broadcast production
  • A technology platform that delivers a wide-range of functionality (i.e., Q&A polling, gamification, etc.)
  • Q&A sessions moderated by Dr. Richard Tytus
  • Dynamic hosting services
  • Effectively reach and engage with thousands of physicians and allied healthcare professionals
  • Banty will collaborate with sponsors to find and vet speakers, develop course content, and submit for accreditation approval
  • Networking opportunities during the live event, as our team will guide attendees through the virtual exhibit halls and introduce them to booth managers
  • Pre- and post-event marketing opportunities
  • Event branding opportunities
  • Easily earn credits without the need to attend events in person
  • Simple registration process
  • A wide-ranging series of informative and relevant topics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Continuing Medical Education (CME) event?
Even after medical school, doctors are expected to earn credits through Continuing Medical Education activities. In order for these credits to count, the CME seminar needs to be accredited by an entity like the Hamilton Academy of Medicine. We produce informative and engaging events designed to help healthcare professionals receive these credits.
How can a CME event be marketed?
Banty’s team can create an event-specific website for your upcoming Continuing Medical Education program. Here, materials such as session details and speaker bios can be featured, as well as logistical information like dates and times. What’s more, individuals can register/buy tickets through the website. If necessary, Banty can also assist in an email marketing campaign to attract more attendees.
Who can attend CME events?
Ideally, the majority of those who attend online Continuing Medical Education events are healthcare professionals looking to gain their required credits. In some cases, sponsors will also be in attendance and have a booth set up in the virtual exhibit hall. During breaks between sessions, attendees will have time to visit virtual exhibit hall booths if interested. 
How long are online Continuing Medical Education programs?
Your CME event can run as long as you need it to. Banty’s production team has the ability to handle events that are a few hours in length, or all-day affairs. No matter which route you choose to go, Banty can help you organize the ultimate online education event.
What does it cost to have Banty produce a CME event?
Since all CME events have different requirements, our pricing is based on the needs an organizer might have. We work together with CME coordinators to map out which services will be needed before determining a fair rate for all parties involved.