New to Video Calls? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Those of us who have been making video calls for years sometimes forget other people are just getting introduced to the technology. If you happen to be one of those individuals still building a familiarity, welcome! It’s nice to have you aboard! 

Now, an absolute A to Z tutorial on what video calls are all about would be endless, as there are countless platforms with different intricacies, not to mention new features and tech advancements being introduced regularly.

With that in mind, let’s instead look at some fun and practical things that anyone jumping into online meetings should know about. 

It’s Easier than You Think

If technology often overwhelms you, then hearing the answer to “What is a video call?” could leave you gobsmacked and uncertain of where to begin.

Honestly, the best way to start is to do a Google search like “platforms for online meeting.” This will pull up a number of options for you. While doing this, you can also research what’s great, or not so good, about certain video call services. 

Banty, for instance, is an easy and secure video chat platform that’s appealing to those who may be new to video conferencing. Starting at just $19.95 CAD/month, Banty offers a straightforward subscription process that feels more inviting than intimidating.

Yes, it is Safe

Of course, there will always be non-secure options online for virtual meeting options. However, if – as advised – you do a little research ahead of time, you can quickly nix those who have poor security reviews. 

Now, just because a certain platform receives a top-of-the-line security review, there is still an onus on you to be wholly aware of who you choose to interact with and the type of information you share.

Even if you select a wonderfully secure online meeting spot, always keep an eye out for anything, or anyone, suspicious. 

You Can Use a Computer or Mobile Device

The most popular virtual meeting services will come with a desktop version, as well as a video call app. This gives you the choice to pick the device you are most comfortable using when chatting with family, friends, or co-workers.

Using a desktop is most ideal for formal business meetings, or gatherings you believe will last a substantial period of time. Meanwhile, going mobile is useful if you are on-the-go and need to do a casual, quick video check-in with someone.

Always Seek Out High-Speed Internet

When video conferencing, always do your best to have high-speed Internet at your disposal. If the connection isn’t strong, your video will be glitchy and could lead to a conversation ending abruptly, due to technical difficulties. 

One of Banty’s coolest features is having the power to adjust the quality of your video feed during a call. This makes videos easier to view even when the Internet signal is not as strong as it needs to be.

Be Mindful of Where You are Calling from 

For any video call you participate in, it is important to recognize whether or not your surroundings are appropriate. Essentially, how well-lit is your room? Will there be any loud noises happening around you? Is your background appropriate? 

All of this needs to be kept in mind ahead of every online meeting you become a part of. Making sure you have a welcoming, distraction-free environment will make you less self-conscious during a call. It will also keep others focused on what you are saying, as opposed to what’s going on around you. 

Always Assume You are Being Seen and Heard 

There are many stories of embarrassing moments happening on video calls which have been a direct result of people not knowing whether others could see or hear them.

The moment you log into your meeting space, assume that you are already being seen and heard by other participants. Doing this will help you avoid becoming the subject of another video chat blunder that goes viral. 

You Can Do More than Just Talk 

Yes, talking is a big part of every virtual meeting you join. However, there are also a number of productivity tools available through the many platforms for online meetings. 

For example, you can share your screen on Banty and let others on the call see what’s being spoken about. You are able to generate new ideas in real-time when using the digital whiteboard, while you can share a YouTube clip in your video feed for everyone to watch together. 

Connect with Anyone, Anywhere

On a personal and/or professional level, chances are you know people who live far outside of your region. Using a video call platform makes it easy to stay in-touch with these people no matter where in the world they are situated. 

Forget about expensive, long distance calling or impersonal text messages that hardly convey true emotion or context. Jump on for a virtual meeting and don’t let the miles influence how you communicate. 

Virtual Trade Shows are a Thing 

As more industries shift to conducting business online, virtual trade shows have started to emerge as a popular way to get professionals together.

Banty has a Virtual Events team that helps industries gather online and still experience a very lively, engaging, and sociable trade show experience. With so much intuitive technology at our fingertips, impressive events of all shapes and sizes can be put together by an experienced team of producers. 

Great for Business and Personal Use 

Video Calls are amazing for both personal and professional use. If you choose a virtual meeting provider like Banty, you can sign up for either a business-centric account, or one for socializing with friends. 

While there are distinct features that separate these two solutions, they are equally secure and very user-friendly.

Click here to discover which Banty video meeting solution is best for you.

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