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Ensure the best experience in virtual meetings with Banty

If you make regular video calls or hold regular video meetings, it’s important that you take steps to streamline successful video conferencing. Using one of Banty’s video conferencing platforms is already a great way to start advantageously. You can learn more about our video conferencing solutions here. However, there are a few other steps you can take on a regular basis to make sure a successful video call is a matter of course for you.

Below, we’ve detailed a few quick steps you can take to either use as a regular routine before any anticipated video meetings, or to incorporate into a larger routine. So here’s a few things to do before firing up your video meeting platform.

1. Drink Some Water

Don’t be surprised. Dry throats are the enemy of successful vocal communication. If you plan to use your voice during a video call, drink some water, or another beverage if you prefer. There’s no need for excessive hydration if you’re not thirsty. A sip or two will usually do fine. However, just in case you need more, it might be wise to keep a bottle of water nearby somewhere. A bottle is preferable to a glass because glasses are more liable to accidental spills.

2. Check Your Set Up

Test your microphone and your intended camera, well beforehand. Two hours before each video call might be reasonable. You can log into your Banty virtual room as the host to do that. Position them in the best possible way. If they’re both part of the same device, like a laptop, tablet, or camera smartphone, make sure you align your entire device correctly.

3. Sound & Light

Test out your room’s lighting on your screen monitor. If it seems less than optimal, try making adjustments with the blinds, light bulbs, or any other sources of light you may have in the room. To ensure minimum echoing, try to select a room with mostly flat surfaces, the less in number, the better. Banty technology does offer some degree of noise cancelling, but it’s always better to choose a room where you can close the door and windows, and be alone to avoid noise from outside or inside your residence. If you live in an excessively noisy environment, you might consider adding external noise cancelling devices to your set up, and ensuring they’re switched on, ten minutes prior to your virtual meeting.

4. Personal Preparation

Practice what you need to say whilst looking directly at the camera lens, about 3 hours before your video call. Looking at the camera lens simulates eye contact. Most people in virtual meetings and video calls tend to look at the screen. However, to communicate more effectively, it is better to look at the camera lens most of the time. Write a few short notes to use as memory prompts, and position them strategically. This way you can quickly glance at them before looking at the camera lens again to speak. You can write the notes on your device screen or externally, but don’t look at them for too long. Use the notes as short prompts only. If you start reading on screen it becomes obvious.

If you haven’t already signed up for Banty, you can get a fourteen day free trial today! Sign up now to enjoy a number of our premium video conferencing options and solutions. Learn more about them here.

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