What Makes Video Calls a Great Networking Tool?

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Business networking is one of the best ways for anyone to bring more attention to the work they do, as well as how they can help other professionals get ahead. In some cases, these relationships remain strictly professional, while in other instances they can evolve into lifelong friendships.

Although it is enjoyable to meet up with members of your networking groups in-person, seeing them on a video call has become equally rewarding. 

Here is what makes video calls such a great networking tool:

Face-to-Face Convenience

Once you know how to network online, you can really take advantage of convenient face-to-face virtual meetings. There is no longer the need to find a proper venue for your gathering. Instead, everyone agrees on a day and time, someone forwards the invites, and then attendees check into the online meeting room.

Additionally, if members of your industry’s social network are employed out of a different city, state, province, or country, including them in a video chat is a great way to keep everyone involved.

You Can Book Multiple Meetings

With in-person networking meetings, it can be challenging to do more than one on a given day. However, with video calls there is the flexibility to book multiple gatherings in a shorter period.

When you have a networking meeting online, you can allot it a specific amount of time. This helps you know exactly when to schedule the additional networking calls you’d like to get done. If you feel ambitious and want to connect with five members of your networking groups individually, you can do so rather easily. 

Share Details About Your Business

If you are having a more formal networking video call, you can screen share using an online meeting platform like Banty to shed light on your business.

Here, you can roll through a slideshow presentation you’ve created, or take a person to your company’s website. You can walk this individual through what elements of the business they should know about, as well as focus them on how the two of you could work together in the future. 

Your Meetings Can be Business or Casual 

When it comes to how to network online, it’s worth learning ahead of time if your video call will be business, or casual. Essentially, is this casually talking about work while wearing hoodies and drinking wine? Or is this a more buttoned-up affair with pens and notepads?

Either way, a virtual meeting setting makes it easy to do both. Heck, you can even transition from one format to the other if the conversation is going well. 

The point is business networking online can be a very flexible situation. Unlike an in-person meeting, it is arguably easier to change the vibe of the meeting if relaxed and online.

There is Room for Interactive Events 

What is networking without being able to forget about business for a while and just have a good time together?

Yes, while many business networking groups participate in virtual meetings to help improve their professional lives, others hop online to have fun. 

Now, this probably won’t happen every time you get online together, but on some occasions, you can hop on for a game night, or to watch funny videos as a group. By cutting back on the seriousness every now and then, relationships have a chance to develop in fresh new directions.

Banty offers
multiple video call solutions for those who love to network. These are some of our highlighted features:

Custom URL: Each Banty user gets to create a permanent, personalized meeting room URL. This is the link those invited to your meetings will use to reach you. 

No Dropped Calls: If someone in your networking group has a spotty Internet connection, you can adjust the quality of the video feed. This will prevent someone from prematurely exiting a virtual meeting. 

Always Safe: We use end-to-end encryption technology to keep the meetings of all our subscribers private and secure.

Stay Organized: Our intuitive scheduling feature will help you keep track of all your appointments. 

Watch Videos Together: On Banty, you can share YouTube clips to your video feed for everyone to watch at the same time.

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