How Video Chats Keep Friends Together

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As the saying goes, “Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there.” While this remains true, we are now fortunate enough to have access to video conference meeting rooms where friends can easily gather. 

Staying in contact with friends via video chat is not only helpful for the soul, but it is also a surefire way to ensure a friendship continues on for years to come.

This is how video chats keep friends together:

Friends Can Stay in-Touch No Matter the Distance

Even though you are technically still far away from a friend while having a virtual meeting, seeing them on the screen can make you forget about the distance.

Throughout the history of time, friendships have disintegrated due to an inability for people to see one another on a regular basis. For many reasons, not having face-to-face interactions can really whittle down a relationship.

Now that great video call technology is available to us, there is really no excuse to not take advantage of the tools at our fingertips.

Better Communication is Created

Yes, you probably still converse regularly via text and/or email, but those who want to remain best friends forever need to see each other to effectively communicate.

When on a video chat with your bestie, you can see exactly what’s going on with them. You can notice if they’re feeling down and in need of a pick-me-up. You are able to see that undivided attention is being paid to you when touching upon an issue in your life.

Most importantly, you can witness a friend’s smile. There is just something about seeing a friend happy that can make you feel good as well.

Misunderstandings Get Cleared Up

Even after you know how to make friends, sometimes it’s not easy to know how to clear up a misunderstanding with them. When one happens, however, you should encourage a video chat to take place.

Words sent through an instant message can lead to further confusion and people taking things out of context. At least when you are trying to resolve an issue while virtual conferencing, you can be far more upfront and transparent about your feelings.

Now, that may not always lead to the immediate cool-down of a situation. However, it can expedite a conflict toward a reasonable resolution.

Fun is Inspired

With long distance friendships, it is hard to have the fun you used to. Clubbing together on a Saturday is now a no-go, as are spontaneous road trips to yet-to-be-determined destinations.

Fortunately, the video chat forum makes it possible to create new kinds of fun with friends. Instead of clubbing on Saturdays, you can drink wine and discuss books on Tuesdays. Rather than a random drive, you can now assemble a video call reunion with those you grew up with.

Additionally, the tools featured within several virtual conferencing platforms make it easy to play games, watch videos, or listen to music together.

You Are Always Just a Couple Clicks Away   

When making friends, we are all taught the importance of being there for your friend whenever they need you. Thanks to video chat services, reaching out to a friend is only a couple clicks away.

Not every video call needs to be long. Sometimes a quick five-minute check-in is all someone needs to move forward with their day. By allowing this technology to positively impact how supportive of a person you can be, you will see friendships move in a whole new direction.

Banty Personal ($19.95 CAD/month) is a great virtual conferencing service for friends hoping to stay in-touch with one another for the long haul. Here is a look at its highlighted features:

Custom URL: Create a permanent, personalized URL for your meeting room (i.e.,

No More Dropped Calls: Manually adjust your video quality in case of a poor Internet connection.

Private Rooms: End-to-end encryption technology keeps all of your conversations secure.

Unlimited Meetings: Host as many one-on-one or group meetings as you like each month.

Watch Videos: Drop a YouTube clip’s link into your meeting and the video will play for everyone in attendance.

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