How to Impress Clients During a Virtual Meeting

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Generating business for your company requires finding clients and building quality, professional relationships with them. There are many ways to accomplish this, but first and foremost you have to continuously win them over.

As more and more boardroom meetings are going from an in-person setting to a virtual meeting environment, you have to focus on implementing new core presentation tactics to keep these bonds strong.

Here are some ways to go about that:

Make Meetings Easy to Attend

Before you can wine and dine someone on a video call, you have to first get them to the online meeting platform. Thus, it’s important to use a simplified meeting invite and scheduling system that will make it easy for clients to access your appointment.

If this part of the process becomes over-complicated or disorganized, the client could lose faith in your business relationship.

Open the Door for Others

If you know how to have effective meetings, you understand that sometimes it is better to have more participants involved. This can help generate better discussion, idea generation, or bridge gaps during certain conversations.

To have business meetings like these, encourage your client to bring additional attendees, if they so desire. Such a welcoming gesture shows you are confident enough in your video conferencing proposal to share it with a broader audience.

Be On Time

When you schedule a meeting with a client, see that it’s booked for a day and time in which you know you will be able to make it.

If you need to hold a virtual meeting from your office, do not coordinate an appointment for 9 a.m. if traffic is always hit or miss. What’s more, avoid shoehorning a meeting into a jam-packed schedule. You don’t ever want to leave a client waiting if the meeting ahead of theirs has run long.

By smartly managing your online meeting schedule, you can make all clients feel welcomed and prioritized.

Deliver a Memorable Presentation 

Some clients have to attend an infinite number of virtual meetings each week. As a result, there’s a good chance yours could blend in with all the others and become forgotten. 

When thinking about how to communicate effectively during your video call presentation, consider showcasing information in a more engaging and interactive fashion. This encourages client participation and will lead to them having a better memory of what you offered them.

That said, your video conferencing presentation still needs to be organized and well thought out. If it’s not, the client is getting a nice show, but leaves wondering if anything was really communicated during the video call.

Do Not Drag It On

In business, everyone’s time is a valuable commodity. Even if your virtual meeting is leading to a lot of laughs, strengthening rapports, and the exchange of great information, know when to end the appointment.

Yes, a live video chat is a great place to gather, but you do not want to be the person who throws off a client’s schedule because you couldn’t effectively close a meeting.

If the video chat has gone well, chances are another one can be booked in the near future. There is no need to over-extend the engagement just because you think it is going well. 

The Banty online meeting platform offers multiple virtual meeting solutions for all businesses.

These are just some of our highlighted features:

Custom URL: Every Banty user gets to create a permanent, custom URL (i.e., This is the link you will send clients that you are having business meetings with.   

Strong Security: Every Banty meeting room is protected by end-to-end encryption technology. This ensures all gatherings remain private and unavailable to third parties.

Door Lock: You can lock the door of your Banty room so that someone who is early for their meeting, will not interrupt the one you are currently in. These individuals will remain in the virtual waiting room until it’s time for their appointment to begin.

Productivity Tools: Easy-to-operate features like screen share, the digital whiteboard, and group YouTube video viewing will keep all meetings productive.

Intuitive Scheduling: Banty has a straightforward calendar system that makes it simple to keep track of every video call you have scheduled.

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