The Best & Worst Times to Schedule Video Calls

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In life, there is almost always a good time, and a bad time, to schedule an event. Hosting a barbecue on a balmy Saturday afternoon in August makes sense. Meanwhile, firing up the grill for neighbours on a snowy Tuesday night in February is an awful idea.

This, too, applies to when you schedule a meeting with your business team. Although conducting video calls are much easier than getting a group of people in one room together at the same time, there are right and wrong times to do them. Here’s a look at the best and worst times for virtual meetings: 

Best: Mid-Morning

At mid-morning, your staff should be revved up and ready to go. Their days have only just begun and their minds are fresh. They have had a chance to get their morning work routine completed and are therefore in the right mindset to join a video conferencing session.

During this time of day, their brains should be percolating and able to thoughtfully contribute to meaningful video chat discussions about current projects. When video conferencing in business, you should always consider this part of the workday one that can help your company develop brighter ideas and strategies.

Worst: Holidays

Granted, most companies do not want to disrupt an employee’s Easter or Thanksgiving. However, there can be a temptation to ask an employee to get on a video call if an important matter comes up on one of these days.

Even if you believe video conferencing solutions for business are amazing because you can get someone on the line quickly and conveniently, you still have to respect holidays. These are the days your team gets to spend with family and take a brief breather from a hectic work schedule.

In these instances, most staff meetings can wait a couple days until everyone’s back to business.

Best: Early Afternoon

More often than not, your team will feel recharged after getting away from their desks for a lunch break. Brains will not be numb from lengthy email conversations, while eyes have had a chance to recover from reviewing reports for hours on-end. 

When someone comes back from a lunch – be it one that’s an hour, half-hour, or something in-between – they will be better equipped to participate in a team meeting video call.

Worst: First Thing Monday, Last Thing Friday 

Let’s be honest: no one is at the top of their game first thing on a Monday morning. Many of us need a couple cups of coffee and some uninterrupted time with our email before jumping on a video call.

By late Friday afternoons, people are running on fumes and have an eye toward the weekend. In other words, focus will either be very shaky, or non-existent.  Good luck getting productive, well thought out ideas during that team meeting. 

Best: Immediately Following a Team Triumph

Not every video call should be strictly for reviewing, discussing, or assigning projects. Sometimes it’s a great idea to get a team together after a triumph. 

For instance, if a big, new client is reeled in, gathering everyone for a virtual meeting to celebrate the occasion is amazing for team morale. It will show everyone that their hard work is appreciated and allow people to bask in the glory of a wonderful workplace accomplishment.

Worst: Vacation Days

Every employee needs their vacation days. Taking time to disconnect and decompress is something most people need to do in order to function at their best. As such, you should be cognizant about who is scheduled to be away when certain video calls are being scheduled.

More often than not, an employee will not be able to dial into the virtual meeting, especially if on vacation in a place where Internet connectivity is spotty. Additionally, if you schedule a meeting to talk about fourth quarter advertising objectives, you shouldn’t move forward with this video conferencing session if your CMO is lounging by a pool thousands of miles away. 

Banty has a number of video call solutions that’ll help you gather your team at the right, every time. 

Here is a look at some of our highlighted features:

Custom URL:
All Banty users get to create a permanent, custom URL (i.e., This is the link you will always forward to those invited to one of your virtual meetings. 

Superb Security: Banty meeting rooms keep your conversations private thanks to end-to-end encryption technology.

No More Dropped Calls: Manually adjust the quality of your video feed in the event an attendee has weak Internet connectivity.

Stay Scheduled: Easily manage your agenda from within your Banty meeting room’s admin portal.

Productivity Tools: Spruce up calls on our online meeting platform by using the screen share and digital whiteboard tools. You can also watch YouTube videos together as a team by dropping a link into your meeting.

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