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Banty Business is an easy, secure, and reliable virtual meeting solution that’s meant to make getting together with co-workers, associates, and clients, a straightforward, yet engaging experience.

The custom Banty room address you get to create (i.e., Banty.com/MyOffice), eliminates the need to send a complicated, auto generated invitation link to video call participants. Instead, attendees always use the same Banty room address to meet with you. What’s more, there is never a password required to enter the video conference you are hosting.

What Does Banty Business Offer?

No Software Download Required

Banty is a straightforward, web-based application created to make it easy for businesspeople to conduct virtual meetings via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

A dedicated Banty room address

Create a unique Banty room address for business purposes. This is the link you will forward to everyone attending a video call hosted by you. No passwords are needed.

Private and secure video calls

Banty uses end-to-end encryption technology to keep your video conferences private and secure.

No more dropped calls

With Banty, you can adjust the bandwidth of your video conference so that it’s aligned with your Internet speed. When your connection is slow, calls can be converted to audio only.

Unlimited group meetings

With Banty Business, you can host as many video conferences each month as you like. What’s more, we do not place time limits on your calls.

Custom waiting rooms

House upcoming meeting attendees in an inviting waiting room outfitted with professional branding materials. During the call, customize the experience further by using a virtual background.

Door Lock

Add another level of privacy to your video call by activating the door lock feature. This ensures no uninvited parties accidentally enter the wrong meeting.

Watch YouTube as a group

With Banty, you can copy the link of a YouTube video your company created and paste it into your meeting room. This allows everyone to watch the video together as a group.

Chat with participants

During your call, use the chat box to speak privately with another person attending the meeting.

Mobile apps

Banty Business virtual meetings can be made while on-the-go using our hassle-free mobile apps for iOS- and Android-based devices.

Screen share and whiteboard

Deliver captivating presentations using the screen share tool. For collaborative meetings, draw up ideas with the digital whiteboard.

Polling and Q&A

Put these interactive features to use when interested in building consensus or opening up conversation amongst virtual meeting participants.

Trusted by Clinicians

The nice part about Banty is that my patients know exactly where they can find me for their virtual medical appointment since the URL always stays the same. We explain how the platform is secure, and patients get to visually see when I’ve locked the room to ensure their privacy.

Laura Rusu

Because of Banty Medical, patients from my clinic are able to easily keep track of their appointments. All they have to do is enter my Banty room link into their online calendar of choice. This helps them get to their virtual visits on time, which ultimately allows our admin staff to keep the clinic's schedule in order.

Ashley Lai

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Banty Room address?
Banty believes video conferencing tools for business should allow for professional branding. When signing up for an account with Banty, you are asked to create a custom link (i.e., Banty.com/MyBusiness). This URL can be a company’s name, or the name of a business professional. Think of the Banty room address as a personalized communication tool not unlike a mobile phone number, email address, or business website. The Banty room address should be provided to anyone you participate in video conferencing sessions with.
Is Banty Business secure?
Yes. Banty’s video conferencing tools for business feature end-to-end encryption in order to keep all virtual meetings private and secure. What’s more, the door lock feature lets the meeting host easily control who can enter a call and when.
What devices can be used for Banty Business?
You can host Banty Business video calls on your desktop or laptop computer. Seeing as our platform is web-based, you will never have to download any software from us. With Banty Business, you can also host virtual meetings on-the-go by using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the Banty app from The App Store or Google Play.
How many virtual meetings can I host each month?
Banty’s business video conferencing solution does not place any limitations on how many virtual meetings you host each month. Whether you are a business professional who hosts a handful of video conferencing sessions each day, or just a few each week, Banty Business is the ideal virtual meeting option. What’s more, there are not any time restrictions placed on calls.
What if Banty Business isn’t for you?
If you are unhappy with the Banty Business video conferencing solution, you can cancel at any time. That said, we hope you stick around for years to come.

For a streamlined and simple video call experience, give Banty Business a try today.