6 Reasons Why Your Boss Should Embrace Video Calls

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Depending on where you work, it can be challenging to encourage your boss to change the way business is handled internally. However, if you are in an industry where embracing video conferencing technology would be beneficial, then it is time to speak up and share the benefits of a great online meeting platform. 

The reality with video calls is that they truly help people work together. Even though it may still be viewed as an intimidating new technology to some, it is worth learning for the sake of productivity and relevancy.

If you are looking to make a case to your boss about why implementing video call strategies is important, here are some points worth relaying: 

Makes it Easy to Connect with the Whole Staff 

As more businesses allow employees to work remotely – sometimes from several parts of the globe – having virtual meetings can make it easier to get everyone together and share ideas.

Not only does this promote a sense of togetherness for staff, but it also allows people who work together to communicate clearly and effectively in a face-to-face manner. This will infinitely enhance internal relationships and the work created because of them.

Video Calls are Not as Hard as Some Perceive 

From the outside looking in, video conferencing technology can be viewed as a challenge. In reality, though, online meeting platforms like Banty are quite intuitive and easy to operate. They present users with features that help make meetings seamless and productive. 

What’s more, if the boss needs assistance understanding a video call solution, tutorials and customer assistance is widely available. 

This is a Secure Way to do Business

Since sensitive information is often discussed during the course of a video chat, most services employ high-end security features to see that all private conversations remain private.

Additionally, when a boss is able to control who comes into their meeting and at what point, they will feel safer and much more relaxed when getting down to business.

You Can Enhance Client Relationships 

How to be a good boss involves showing others on a staff how to cultivate client relationships. On many levels, using the right video call service can do this.

When participating in these types of meetings, a client can pitch your boss various ideas and have real-time discussions about the particulars. What’s more, the person your company is doing business with will realize who is the boss and feel good about the fact they had some time with a decision maker

Most importantly, all parties involved will gain a much better understanding and appreciation for one another. 

Promotes Face-to-Face Communication Amongst Staff

When a boss gets excited about using a new technology, the feeling could become infectious throughout an office environment. 

Once a boss is onboard with virtual meetings, you should encourage them to regularly host staff meetings online. As soon as more people around the office follow suit, they too will see the benefits of using such a tool to communicate. 

Since many team members get so used to emailing, texting, or instant messaging one another, some things get lost in translation. By having a quick video conference and hashing out a plan of attack for an assignment, business will be able to move forward at the pace it should. 

Gives the Company a More Modern Image

You don’t want your company to look like it is still doing business in the stone age. If where you work does not use video calls to hold staff meetings or client gatherings, a boss should know how dated this makes their operations look.

Being that one company who turns down the chance to work together with other businesses via video call is a bad look. Consequently, by using such technology to succeed within your given industry, you are showing a willingness to adjust with the times and do what needs to be done to get the company ahead.

Banty offers a number of easy and secure virtual meeting solutions. Click here to discover which one would work best for your boss. 

Here is a look at our highlighted features:

Custom URL: Our online meeting platform allows all bosses to create a permanent, custom URL (i.e., Banty.com/MyMeeting). This is the link they will forward to anyone they book a meeting with. 

No More Dropped Calls: Your boss can manually adjust the video quality of their call. This is to be used when someone in the meeting has a poor Internet connection and the video appears choppy to them.

Strong Security: Banty meeting rooms have end-to-end encryption technology. This ensures all matters discussed are not intercepted by uninvited third parties.

Door Lock: This feature can be activated to prevent someone from entering a meeting that’s already in progress. 

Productivity Tools: Your boss will love the ability to share their screen, develop new ideas on the digital whiteboard, as well as enter a YouTube clip into a meeting for everyone to watch together.

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