How to Select the Best Video Call Platform

Four things to look for when choosing

The video call online (on the internet) as opposed to other video communication methods & technologies, has come very far in our society. Twenty years ago, it was rare. Thirty years ago, it did not exist. Nowadays, it plays a significant every day role in many lives. There are a number of platforms out there that can help you make video calls. However, video conferencing software was not all developed equal. Some video conferencing solutions give you more options than others. Other video chat platforms give you more problems than others. The list below is meant to help you select the ideal video platform for you. Of course, we hope you’ll land on one of ours at Banty, but this list can help you make good selections regardless.

1. Ease of Use

Some video platforms are rather complicated to use. Banty is easy, but not every video platform out there is the same. To save time and effort, you should consider the most intuitive video chatting platform for your virtual meeting needs. Even if you’re an advanced user, or even a communications specialist, an easy video conference interface is more than a random luxury nowadays. It’s a common market demand, and even advanced users and video call savants are asking for it. And their demand is being met.

Why complicate life when you can simplify it? Our system is designed to be intuitive and offers extreme ease of access. Joining a meeting? Simply visit the unique, easy-to-remember URL our subscriber gave you and enter your name. With one click, they let you in. Hosting a meeting? Login and click to start it. That’s it. No hassle, no bother and no long-winded codes, passwords or URLs. Get into your digitally secure video call with a single click and never worry about accessing a meeting again.

2. Reliable Service

Video call platforms nowadays are more than about basic picture and audio projection over the internet. There’s a lot more your video chat platforms can do for you in this day and age. Like mobile phones evolved from the basic, audio conversational features to incorporate text messaging, flashlights, music, radio, gaming and all sorts of entertainment, video conferencing software is also evolving richer features.

For example, a number of video meeting solutions offer you the ability to record your video meetings. All of Banty’s video conferencing platforms offer this feature, but we’re not the only ones. Other features all our platforms offer include screen sharing functions, which allow you to watch videos with other parties to the video call in real time, give slide presentations, share complex information and more. Some of our other services at Banty go beyond traditional video conferencing and offer even more helpful presentation features such as picture-in-picture presentations, split screens and beyond! Our Banty Virtual Events service even offers gamification options!

But reliable service is about more than strong business or entertainment features. Reliable service also speaks to the core nucleus of a video call platform. Reliable service at its core, is about audio and video streaming performance. There’s little any video platform can do to make service reliable with a shaky internet connection or a faulty device. But if both of those are alright, then bugs, glitches, and time lags are a software issue. When choosing the best video chat platform, make sure its bugs, glitches and time lags are minimal. For example, Banty is almost glitch, bug and lag free because our developers and our technical support team work very closely together.

All Banty platforms are developed by our team to be on the cutting edge of WebRTC. Web Real-Time Communication. This means that all the features we offer you are available from your browser without you needing to download a dedicated app or needing to download a special patch for Banty’s technology in particular. Through this technology, Banty brings you the most reliable communication on the web without you or any other party needing to consider too many software issues.

3. Digital Security

There are any number of threats to the average user’s data at any given time. Every video conferencing system and all video conferencing apps have some measure of security. But again, not all video chat software was developed equally. A disparity in security measures is one of those implicit inequalities between video call software platforms. Some are more secure than others. At Banty, we provide end-to-end, server-to-server encryption for all our video platforms during two-party video calls, without exception. Our multi-party video conferencing solutions are also very secure.

Beyond that, our systems have undergone more than one penetration test, to certify our Banty Virtual Clinic platform as being HIPAA compliant, PHIPA compliant, as well as fulfilling of new and enhanced security standards recently adopted in the province of Ontario; with regards to the digital security standards of healthcare in the United States and Canada. Security also has a wider scope in Banty. We also offer security against the possibility of threats from inside your organisation. Our Banty Enterprise platform offers Role Based Control, also known as Role Based Access, to protect organisations’ security internally.

4. Visibility

Organisations, businesses and individuals all have a common need for a strong web presence. Not many video platforms recognise that in a sole video calling capacity. That role is mostly separated from other social media. At Banty however, we recognised the evolving nature of video communication. Our video calling platforms are not meant to be separate from social media, or mere complementary addendums to them.

With highly customisable URLs, A waiting room for virtual visitors to your Banty account to notify you when someone comes digitally knocking and the options to toggle your search engine visibility on and off, Banty has integrated your video calling media to the rest of your social media web presence, should you so wish to utilise it. Our SEO content ensures that you can be found easily if you want to be. You can also disable search engines’ abilities to find your space on Banty, should you not wish to be found without invitation.

These are four of the most important factors to weigh whilst considering video chatting apps. All in all, when choosing your video platform, pick a video call solution which gives ease of use, reliable service, digital security and visibility the highest consideration. While you’re researching your options, click here to learn more about Banty’s features and options, to see if one of our platforms is right for you.

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