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Banty Medical is a simple and secure medical video conferencing platform, allowing doctors to easily connect with their patients on any device.

Healthcare should be accessible to everyone, so we made our telemedicine platform incredibly simple for doctors and patients to securely and efficiently conduct their appointments in a virtual environment.

Why Banty?

Banty Medical is free for patient-use and is competitively priced for physicians and medical centres. This is the quality virtual medicine platform you’ve been looking for.

No Software Download Required

Banty is an easy, web-based application for patients and healthcare providers to connect virtually via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Dedicated Banty Room Address

Your unique Banty room address never changes. Patients will always be able to attend appointments using this link. No passwords are required.

Private & Secure Video Calls

Banty’s end-to-end encryption keeps all sessions private and secure. Banty doesn’t collect or store any information about your interactions with patients.

No More Dropped Calls

Banty allows you to adjust the bandwidth of your video call so that it’s in-tune with your Internet speed. For poor connections, calls can be converted to audio only.

Branded meeting spaces

Give your Banty meeting space an engaging, personal touch with custom branding that represents your clinic.

Banty Medical was made by doctors for doctors

Its development and features were driven by doctors and patients who were dissatisfied with the existing virtual medicine platforms.

Mobile apps

Your Banty meeting space is accessible to clinical staff and patients via our free iOS and Android mobile apps.

Door Lock

Activate Banty’s unique door lock feature to keep appointments private. Your virtual waiting room houses patients who are next on your agenda.

Branded meeting spaces

Give your Banty meeting space an engaging, personal touch by outfitting it with branding materials that represent your clinic.

Group calls

Patients can be accompanied by loved ones during their virtual appointment. All they’ll need is your Banty room address.

Screen sharing

To show patients pertinent test results or information, use the screen share feature.

Download call logs

Download visit logs and easily import documentation of virtual visits into any electronic medical record (EMR).

Trusted by Clinicians

The nice part about Banty is that my patients know exactly where they can find me for their virtual medical appointment since the URL always stays the same. We explain how the platform is secure, and patients get to visually see when I’ve locked the room to ensure their privacy.

Laura Rusu

Because of Banty Medical, patients from my clinic are able to easily keep track of their appointments. All they have to do is enter my Banty room link into their online calendar of choice. This helps them get to their virtual visits on time, which ultimately allows our admin staff to keep the clinic's schedule in order.

Ashley Lai

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Banty Medical an OTN Verified Solution?
Yes. Ontario Health has established mandatory requirements as part of the provincial standard for Virtual Visits Verification solutions for use within the Ontario health care sector. Banty has attested that it and its Banty Medical solution meets the mandatory requirements and is now included on the virtual visits verified solutions site.
Does Banty Medical safeguard my patients’ data and privacy?
The short answer is yes. The Banty Medical platform has undergone multiple threat risk and privacy impact assessments and was found to be compliant with, and exceeding of, digital security requirements for HIPAA and PHIPA legislation in North America. The contents of patient encounters are not stored on Banty.
Is Banty Medical easy for patients and healthcare professionals to use and access?
Absolutely. Banty Medical is an easy, one-click access platform, which can be reached using the same unique, easy-to-remember Banty room address every time (i.e. Banty.com/MyClinic). Banty Medical can also be easily accessed from most mobile devices using the free Banty app.
How far can Banty Medical be integrated with my EMR or Hospital Information System?
Banty is EMR agnostic. Any information exchanged between you and your patient during the video call should be documented in your EMR. Banty does not document patient encounter data for privacy and digital security reasons. Banty Medical does enable you to export PHI to PDF, or spreadsheet form, from your Banty call log, for your EMR.
What if my patient or I are having problems with our internet or we’re navigating low bandwidth at one or both of our locations?
With Banty Medical you can adjust video quality to match the quality of your Internet signal. This will help you avoid most of the interruptions that occur with other telemedicine video conferencing solutions, like calls freezing and/or prematurely ending. To match the lowest of Internet bandwidths, you can adjust your video quality all the way down to audio only.
What if I want to cancel? Do I pay any extra fees?
No. You can cancel at any time. You have no obligation to continue with Banty. While you’re subscribed, we draw the subscription fee every month from your credit card. If you’d like to cancel, simply navigate to Settings in your Banty profile, select ‘Billing’ and click ‘Cancel Plan.’

Banty is the Better Approach to Telemedicine

Our simple and secure virtual medicine solution is available for just $9.99 CAD/month