Banty Plus - Making Your Video Meetings More Engaging

Banty offers a unique service called banty plus.  This platform was created to interact with other popular platforms like Zoom, Goto Meeting, WebEx and more.

The enhancement empowers us to turn a regular, “talking head” Zoom-type video into an exciting interactive presentation that enables picture in picture, split screens, multi camera cuts, a blend of video with slides, animations, graphics, music, animated lower thirds text and more.

Banty’s programmers created a custom platform that gives our customers a super enhanced presentation experience that isn’t currently available with other platforms.

The great news is banty plus, works with all other platforms, so if your organization is in a contract with another video conferencing provider, you will still benefit from the banty plus experience. Your customers will love it.

We are regularly hosting virtual interactive meetings for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Banty plus works for all businesses on most video conferencing platforms.

Pricing Plan
Live productions of interactive presentations, streaming to hundreds of people around the world. Starting at $3500 per event. Full turn key productions.

Why Choose Banty Plus?

Every business’s video call needs are unique. At Banty, we recognise that. This is why we help you customise the interface to your virtual offices and meeting rooms at Banty to your exact requirements. Unlike other video call solutions and video conferencing applications, at Banty, our developers and customer service experts come together to design an online digital presence specifically designed for your particular set of business needs.

Interactive Features

A video meeting can get boring real fast if all you’re seeing is a person’s head, shoulders, and office surroundings. What makes Banty Plus the best video conferencing option on the market is the effort our incredible tech team puts into sprucing up the production value of any meeting. Whether you’re hosting 50 people or 500, we want your video feed to have mesmerizing features. This can include an attractive digital background, informative graphics, memorable music, or something outside the box.

Live Newsroom Vibe

Amidst our tech team is a very skilled newsroom editor who is responsible for giving online meetings a unique feel. From the editing suite, this individual receives the presenter’s video feed through the Banty super-computer. Our editor then works some magic with it, making your meeting look that much more dynamic. Need a comparable? Just think about how those in control rooms add graphics, headline tickers and animation to nightly news broadcasts.

Easy Integration

Even if you have a contract/subscription with Zoom, GoToMeeting, or WebEx, you can still use Banty Plus to enliven your meetings. Once the editor has finished using our impeccable video conferencing equipment to polish your video feed, the footage is inserted into the virtual meet space you choose. In short, Banty can integrate with almost any online meeting platform.

“On behalf of the Merck team, I wanted to let you know that yesterday’s event was a tremendous success for all. From start to finish, this was the best virtual event I have seen to date. Banty and the Hamilton Academy of Medicine have set the bar for future virtual events. Your team has created the new standard, so congratulations on this amazing event. I am already excited to see what banty will create for when we reconvene in 2022. Thank you, on behalf of the Merck team.”
Merck Team
“Hi Dr. Tytus, I just wanted to congratulate you on the success of Hamilton Academy of Medicine 104th Annual Clinical Day. Although a very different clinic day than years past it was amazing. The content was top-notch and having the pre-recorded presentations was actually better in my opinion. Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks and well done. Very glad Janssen was able to be a part of the event and we truly appreciate all the work you and your family put into it.”
Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
“Thank you, Banty Plus for making our virtual conference come to life.  As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on events to raise the funding needed to advance our organizational objectives. The Banty team helped us quickly adapt to the realities of the pandemic and guided us through the transition to hosting events on a virtual event platform.  Our virtual conference looked professional, attractive and was more successful than ever before.”
Jessica Wooder, MCM
Executive Director
Hamilton Academy of Medicine

Pull Off Presentations Perfectly

If you want to have a guest presenter speak at a company-wide virtual meeting, you can minimize some of the scheduling complications that could arise. The Banty Plus team can film the presenter’s speech in our Toronto-based studio before the business conference begins. We can also plan to send a cameraperson to the presenter’s location for remote filming. Afterwards, we’ll edit the footage to perfection so that it can be seamlessly injected into the meeting’s video feed for viewing. If the presenter has agreed to partake in a live, Banty-moderated Q&A after their video is shown, see if the person will dress like they did in the pre-recorded speech. This will offer the illusion that everything was delivered live.

Cost Effectiveness

The Banty Plus virtual meeting setup is meant to help businesses affordably put on a multi-pronged event that would usually cost an astronomical amount of money to physically host. Even in a world where in-person training events and trade shows continue, it is still valuable to have a virtual option that’s equal parts efficient, educational, and interactive – at a fraction of the cost. We can help create the ultimate video conference for you. Our live production rate begins at $3,500. We look forward to collaborating with you!