Abdallah Al Alfy

Alfy is a content writer of 17 years, writing in multiple literary and content disciplines, and translating professionally since his early teens. Full name of Abdallah Al Alfy, he is also a licensed pharmacist in multiple countries. Alfy’s pharmaceutical background has often been an asset in scientific and medical writing.

Alfy’s content and copywriting have varied internationally from pharmaceutical products to IT services, venue promotion to landscaping. His literary pursuits culminated in works of poetry, fiction and social commentary to be featured in multiple publications as well as various websites and blogs online. He is also the proud author of two published non-fiction books and a serial novel in ongoing publication.

Alfy joined the Banty team in 2021, having previously served as Literary Director for The Mercenary Writer. With interests in a vast array of writing disciplines, he brings you multiple perspectives on the spectacular services offered by Banty. Alfy goes by his family name to make things easier for English speakers, since many of his Arabic-speaking friends already call him by it.

You can reach Alfy for questions or comments regarding his articles for the Banty blog using: alfy@banty.com

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