The Perfect Virtual Clinic

A Day in the Life of a Telemedicine Doctor

Do you practice virtual medicine via video call online? Are you considering it? Whether you’re an active user of video conferencing software to deliver telehealth care to your patients virtually, or you’re just weighing the pros and cons, you’ve probably experienced or heard the good things about running a virtual clinic as well as a few disadvantages. Likely you know that any process has advantages and disadvantages, and that advantages outweighing disadvantages is the way to go about a choice, which is why you still like the idea of telemedicine virtual meetings.

While eliminating any disadvantages in virtual healthcare is not entirely feasible, we decided to take you on a literary tour of a hypothetical perfect day in a virtual clinic, so you can form a better idea as to how best to use telemedicine video conferencing solutions. Of course, feel free to set your own goals as to how best your telehealth video conferences are utilized. If you haven’t practiced any virtual medicine yet and you’d like to try a telemedicine video conference or two before you decide, get your free trial of Banty Virtual Clinic today! Read on to experience a potentially perfect first day in your future virtual clinic.

1. Start of Day

It’s 9 or 10 am. You’ve had a light breakfast, your coffee, and spun 10 minutes on your stationary in the time it usually took you to drive to your practice. You’re sitting in your office at home, which you use to converse with patients. You’re fed, caffeinated, hydrated, fresh and raring to go. Your kids are off from school today and your partner is off from work, so there’s some bustling in the house but it doesn’t matter. You can’t hear them and nor will your virtual patients be able to hear them during your telemedicine video call. You’ve insulated this room against sound when you were setting up the launch for your virtual practice.

You start the virtual work day by accepting a video conference with your receptionist on your Banty Virtual Clinic account. Your receptionist updates you on a few of the patients you’ll be seeing this morning. This video call sets the tone for the start of your work day. You have 5 patients in the morning. Your receptionist refers your first patient to your Banty address. She describes her condition and demonstrates it on the video call camera. You diagnose without a problem and send a prescription to her pharmacy.

The next patient isn’t so cut and dry. You give a few instructions to get a better idea of the condition. In the end, you think you know what’s wrong but you’re not certain enough to diagnose. You refer to a specialist just to be sure. You go through three patients, but the next one isn’t for another half an hour. It’s too early to eat again. You take another 10 minutes on the stationary then go hang out with the family for a small break. Get yourself a small glass of fresh squeezed juice, then head back to your home office to get back to your work day.

2. Middle of Day

It’s 12:30 pm. Your receptionist helped you see a few more patients in your Banty examination room. You used the Screen Sharing feature in your Banty examination room to review some blood work in real time with one of your patients on a video call. Using the same feature, You showed another patient a short slide presentation on a few natural ways to control blood sugar because he’s approaching pre-diabetes.

You watched a YouTube video about an upcoming medical conference with a friend from med school in real time, using Banty’s YouTube sharing feature. You got on the video call to discuss the trip because you were both planning to go. Now it’s almost time for lunch. You eat outside by your swimming pool with the family. It’s a nice day and you have a little time so you take a quick dip. You head back to your home office to see four more patients before you go over some paperwork and shutter up for the day.

2. End of Day

It’s 4:30 pm. You’ve finished your last telemedicine virtual meeting with a patient for the day, you’ve done some paperwork, and you’re going over the practice’s tax accounts, which your accountant emailed earlier in the day. You stumble across something you don’t quite understand so you ask your accountant to jump onto a video call with you on Banty.

Using Banty’s Screen Sharing feature, you show him your concern and explain it in real time. He explains a big part of it but there’s something you’re still not sure about. So you share Banty’s whiteboard feature and he illustrates what he means in real time. That finally makes more sense to you. Your receptionist jumps in on another video call with you and you review the patients of the day with her to make sure you haven’t missed any appointments.

It’s 5:00 pm now. You log out, switch off your device, and leave your home office. You lock it to secure your patient information. That’s the extent of how much you need to worry about patient privacy. You installed state of the art physical security in your home office when you launched your virtual clinic. Your patients’ information at home is as physically secure as it’s digitally secure, because of the various protections Banty Virtual Clinic provides.

How was your perfect day? If you’d like to try to experience a day like that in your telemedicine clinic, take the first step in such a process. Try Banty Virtual Clinic for free. You’ll want to stay later.

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