Banty is Better for Doctors

Specially non-surgeon doctors

I once talked about how Banty is Better for Patients. This matters to you if you’re a patient or a doctor. As a patient you want to get the best telemedicine experience possible and as a doctor you want to ensure your patient gets optimum virtual medicine. But let’s face it. When I say Banty is Better for Doctors, I’m just talking to you doctors out there. Or anyone close to a doctor on a personal level. You see, doctors’ patients are probably less concerned about their doctors’ careers than their doctors are about their health. It’s not that these patients are heartless. This is just the nature of the chosen profession. If you’re a doctor who doesn’t want to be a surgeon, here’s three reasons why practicing virtual telemedicine via video conferencing software is a better idea for you.

1. Much More Freedom

In the summer of 2019 I was lounging on a beach chair in the tiny beach attached to a beach bar on the “busiest” tourist street in the sunny, sleepy seaside town of Dahab, South Sinai. I mention how tiny the beach was to give you perspective on how close the other beach loungers were to me. Right next to me was a doctor from New Zealand. I found that out because our lounging chairs were stuck very close to each other so it was natural that we started a conversation. I found out he’d been doing something amazing with his life.

For a few years, since graduating, he’d been working for 6 months, then travelling for 6 months, mostly recreationally. Apparently the battle of qualifying to practice medicine had robbed him of his desire to carry out his qualification for the whole year, at least for the time being. Which is not an uncommon side effect, as you probably know.

He told me that most of his class were ahead of him in their careers at this point, but that almost all of them wished they could do what he was doing. I believed him. At that point I thought he was a genius. Fast forward to 2021. Now. He’s still a genius. Work is work and work can be stressful. But virtual medicine video calling has already existed for decades and 2020-2021 has already taken it forward in leaps! Now, if you like to travel and you’d like to do it full time without your career taking a hit, you can see your patients’ virtually from anywhere in the world.

Of course, that depends on how doctors are allowed to practice in your jurisdiction. For doctors in Ontario, a Banty room makes for a spectacular virtual clinic but in truth, Banty is an excellent choice for a telemedicine video call online from anywhere in the world! Aside from the top-notch security, we offer you a number of great features you can use to help your patient while video conferencing from anywhere in the world! Which brings us to…

2. Helpful Screen Features

As a medical professional, it helps to share some educational materials with your patient sometimes. Perhaps some x-rays or a bloodwork table? That way you can explain a patient’s condition more clearly, pointing out possible concerns in real time, during a telemedicine video call. Banty offers a terrific level of screen sharing, up to and including sharing a YouTube video. Go ahead and make sure your virtual telemedicine video call patient watches a full 3 minute orientation clip about an upcoming procedure if you feel they need to. Or share the recorded opinion of a colleague that was uploaded to YouTube before.

3. Unique, Easy to Find Virtual Clinic

Whether or not you have your own practice, I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. Location makes a difference. That’s because a better location makes accessing your clinic or medical practice, or other healthcare location easier. Well believe it or not, it’s no different when you start a virtual practice. Now sure, a strong social media approach and a great, well-ranked website are all great ways to strengthen your virtual clinic’s online presence.

But you can strengthen it even further by having your virtual practice itself highly-ranked on search engines and easy to find for everyone. At Banty, we offer you a unique Banty address for both your meeting room, where you can meet with your patients to give them care virtually, and your virtual practice’s waiting room, where patients could go to find you or other healthcare providers in your organization. Your Banty address is a link customised to your liking, to make it easier for your  patients to find you online. For example:

Were these three reasons enough to convince you that Banty is Better for Doctors? Then a free-trial will make your conviction titanium. Try Banty Virtual Clinic for free and then decide for yourself whether Banty is Better for Doctors or not.

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