Why it is Important to Receive Feedback About Your Virtual Meetings

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Some people are really good at virtual meetings. When attendees get off of such quality calls, they are in awe of how well-organized, engaging, and technically sound the online gathering was. Conversely, some people are really bad at video conferencing. Following these calls, participants wonder if the host understands how much of a train wreck they are constantly putting people through. 

However, good and bad video call hosts all have one thing in common: room for improvement. No matter how amazing or dreadful someone is at hosting a live video chat online, it is imperative to seek feedback from others so that skills and tactics can be enhanced. 

Here is why it’s important to always receive feedback about your virtual meetings:

Improves Your Abilities 

In business – and in life – you should always focus on bettering yourself. If video conferencing plays a big role in your career and significantly impacts your earning potential, requesting feedback from others is critical.

Once you receive it, you can evaluate the suggestions and look for common threads. If there are multiple points about how your online meetings could be better structured, then it is time to reconsider your format. What’s more, if people think you are too loud, or too quiet when speaking on a call, this information will help you find a volume that’s more comfortable for everyone involved.

People Like to Offer Opinions

Lately, the Internet and society as a whole has taught us that people love to offer an opinion. While some prefer delving into topics related to politics or their favourite baseball team, people – if you ask them – will tell you how your online business meetings are going.

Now, you don’t have to make this a formal process. You can simply send emails to a handful of your teammates asking them if your online meeting platform performance is up to par. You can even have a few casual, in-person conversations about this.

If your team does not want you to know their criticisms, the way around this is to conduct an anonymous poll during a video call.

You May Not Know Something is Wrong 

It is very possible that for weeks, if not months, your video feed has been fuzzy; your audio cuts in-and-out; or people don’t find the video meeting presence of your cat endearing.

At the very least, seeking out feedback about how you conduct virtual meetings will open your eyes to issues you didn’t know existed. If the problems are small, they can be quickly corrected. For larger matters, those with opinions on them can help you shape the proper fix.

Receive New Strategies

Even if you are the best video conferencing platform performer in your office, chances are there are other professionals who are doing certain things better than you. But, until you request feedback from them, you may not feel motivated to seek out new perspectives.

These new perspectives can come from those in your industry, or individuals you previously worked with elsewhere. What’s more, there are vast resources online (i.e., YouTube videos, LinkedIn posts, skill development websites, etc.) in which important tips and tricks may be unlocked.

Heightens Your Professional Appearance 

By demonstrating a willingness to improve your virtual meeting skills, you are showing teammates and the clients you do business with how important professional evolution is to you.

These individuals will see that complacency doesn’t fly with you on a video chat app, and that you are always aiming to get better. Furthermore, you can then take the initiative to show others what you’ve been taught, and help them improve their video chat methods.

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