7 Ways Video Calls Can Reduce Stress

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Adam Grant

There has been a lot of discussion out there regarding whether or not video calls are too stressful. While opinions on this topic vary, we happen to believe seeing someone face-to-face – even if it’s through a screen – is actually quite healthy. 

Here are 7 ways a video call can actually reduce stress: 

Promotes Social Interaction

Sometimes, what causes stress is not interacting with others. Humans, by and large, are social creatures. We like to converse, share opinions, laugh at dumb jokes, and try to solve the world’s problems.

When that ability doesn’t exist, angst arises. By participating in a video call with a friend down the street or on the other side of the globe, your stress management skills will be infinitely improved. 

Helps with Conflict Resolution 

Arguments, misinterpretations, and accidental insults happen. When allowed to linger, these things can really crush a personal or professional relationship.

Having a virtual meeting can help resolve these matters faster. Here, you are able to explain yourself or accept an apology in clear view. All cards can be placed on the table and you get to actively work toward mending the fractured situation.

Creates Workplace Clarity 

What is stress for those who work remotely? Stress is trying to stay 100% tuned in with everything happening at the office. 

When your company embraces a video call service like Banty, it will have a wonderful tool that helps them communicate more effectively with staff. Project steps and expectations can be better explained, thus wiping away the stress you’d experience from not feeling like you are in-the-know. 

Offers Easy Presentation Tools 

Let’s say you have to do a video call presentation on ‘How to Deal with Stress.’ The last thing you want is to get stressed out when trying to share your findings with others. 

One way to avoid that feeling is by using a high-quality video conferencing service like Banty. Each meeting room features productivity tools like screen share, a digital whiteboard, polling, as well as the ability to drop a YouTube video into your feed for everyone to watch together. 

Having these elements at your disposal will make presenting far less stressful than you could have anticipated. 

Lets You Express Yourself Better

Stress management can come in the form of freely expressing yourself. Whether you are on a personal or professional video chat, a lot can be taken off your shoulders by relaying your thoughts and opinions. 

Having the visual component here is perfect. Oftentimes, conversations over the phone or via email are taken out of context because you can’t see how a person is saying what they’re saying. Having all of this captured during a virtual meeting really helps the communication process. 

Becomes a Venue for Games 

Knowing how to manage stress entirely is challenging. However, what certainly helps lessen it is having fun with those close to you. 

Nowadays, there are so many types of games you can play while on a video call. Trivia comes to mind, as does Yahtzee, word puzzles, or even a version of “Name That Tune.” All of these are great for a laugh and serve as a way to take your mind off of things currently stressing you out. 

To see that everyone is able to relax and enjoy themselves during a game night, try to keep any competitive streak you have at bay.

Reconnects You with Relatives 

Not every family is lucky enough to have everyone live in close proximity from one another. However, with great video call technology, you can easily reconnect with that favourite cousin who recently moved across the country. 

Spending some quality time with a family member you grew up with, but may not get to see in-person very often, can bring you back to simpler times and let you decompress. What’s more, such a get together can do wonders for your stress management.

If you are looking for a stress-free video conferencing service, check out Banty's many easy and secure solutions.

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