Don’t Be Boring: 4 Ways to Make Virtual Meetings Exciting

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Adam Grant

Even if you love participating in virtual meetings, you have to acknowledge that some of these gatherings can be boring and downright awful to attend – this can be a result of many things.

First of all, timing can be an issue. When scheduled at the wrong time of day, energy within a video call tends to be low. Additionally, certain subject matter is drier than melba toast, and could’ve been touched on in an email instead. Next up, there are those presentations that drag on with little, or no, climax to them.

Now, if you are someone who has influence over how your company’s internal video conferences are structured, here are some ways to make all online staff meetings a tour de force.

Make Presentations Dynamic 

Just because a virtual meeting is being held through a video chat app, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t present with the same enthusiasm as you would in-person. Of course, you’re not likely going to get on your feet and physically work the room. However, what you can do instead is craft a multimedia-rich, interactive presentation for your teammates or clients. 

The best video conferencing solutions for business make it possible to achieve this. You can now interject video and audio elements into an online meeting presentation; new concepts can be drawn up on-the-spot using a digital whiteboard. What’s more, you can seek opinion immediately on a topic by polling those participating in your live video chat online. 

Promote a Quick Pace

Have you ever heard the expression, “don’t bore us, get to the chorus”? If not, the general idea here is for a song to get to its catchiest, hookiest part as soon as possible. When this way of thinking is applied to a virtual meeting, you are encouraging presenters to not just get-to-the-point, but make said point unforgettable.

The faster a video call presentation is able to energetically get to the meat of the matter, the less of a chance those in attendance will mentally nod off during the buildup. Don’t cut corners, but also avoid the scenic route. 

Have a BIG Personality

Even during virtual meetings, those in attendance want to be entertained. Yes, it remains very important that the team you connect with through online meeting platforms receive pertinent information. That said, you can’t deliver it to them in a monotone, lackadaisical manner and expect the point to be driven home.

While it may be uncomfortable to really put yourself out there, you should always try to be more animated and charismatic during all video calls you make. Doing so helps that rock-solid project plan you devised resonate much better with those who’ve been asked to carry it out. 

Encourage Constant Staff Engagement 

For the odd staff member, attending weekly virtual meetings feel like a waste of time if they are unable to have a voice within them. Just sitting there, staring at the screen without an opportunity for input can prove rather discouraging.

The majority of online staff meetings should be formatted so that everyone has a voice. You want there to be an open-door policy, so that no matter where someone may reside on a team’s hierarchy, they will always feel empowered to contribute ideas and opinions. Having such company culture leads to new ideas, as well as a more motivated workforce.

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