What to Do Ahead of Hosting Your First Virtual Meeting

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Alright, the time has come for you to host a virtual meeting for the very first time. Understandably, you are equal parts excited and nervous, all the while obsessing greatly over all the advance planning you need to do for it. 

If you have participated in video calls before, then you already have a firm understanding on what flies during such a team meeting, and what’s considered a no-no. That said, you may still feel a little jittery and in need of some guidance.

To help get you to and through your first video meeting, here are some tips that’ll make your maiden hosting voyage soar:

Pick a Proper Day and Time

When you schedule a live video chat online is significant. You want to catch those you work with on a day and time where they are not feeling overwhelmed by other work commitments. You also want them to be energetic, focused, and ready to contribute.

A good starting point is to scratch early Monday morning and late Friday afternoon as potential virtual meeting time slots. From there, turn your attention to mid-morning or early afternoon options during a less-than-hectic week. Going this route will result in a more fruitful online meeting.

Send Invites to the Appropriate Parties

Once you have determined the focus of your virtual meeting, only send invites to those who absolutely need to be a part of it.

Often, we feel an obligation to forward email meeting invites to an entire department, when only two specific people from it need to be in attendance. By strictly inviting those who need to be on a given video call, you are not unnecessarily pulling other people away from their day-to-day obligations.

Set an Agenda 

To see that your virtual meeting stays on course, create an agenda and forward it to all attendees in advance. This will help everyone prepare for the meeting ahead and leave less room for surprises.

A well-constructed staff meeting agenda will also make it easier for a video call to not drag on beyond its allotted time frame. Always consider how valuable everyone’s time is and create your agenda accordingly.

Know the Technology 

Before leading a virtual meeting, see that you understand the online meeting platform you are using. Make sure you have an amazing comfort level with all of the tools you will need throughout the video call. Even if you think you are using the best virtual meeting platform out there, it’s possible a call could get tripped up by a feature not doing what you expected it to.

Additionally, only host your meeting from a space in which the Internet connectivity is super strong. Failing to do this can result in your video feed getting choppy and unbearable to watch. 

Craft a Pleasing Presentation

The secure video conferencing platform you use is likely very capable of helping you pull off a presentation that’ll be as engaging as it is informative.

Once you have decided on a format for it, give the presentation a dry run on your own, or with the assistance of a teammate. This will make you feel much more comfortable and confident when it’s time to go live.

Another piece of advice would be to always have notes at-the-ready. These are particularly helpful when nerves get the best of us, or a minor tech-glitch occurs. 

Be Mindful of Your Audio and Video

Right before you begin the virtual meeting, check your audio and video situation. Essentially, see that the microphone and/or headset you are using is working properly, and that your video is clear, well-lit, and easy-on-the-eyes.

You will quickly lose the attention of meeting participants if they can’t see, or hear you, at your best. 

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