How to Use Video Calls to Train New Staff

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After you have welcomed a new staff member to your team, the next important step for all involved is to provide the best training possible. While some of this can be offered in an in-person environment, there will come a time when training needs to take place through virtual meetings as well.

Using an online meeting platform to train a new hire comes with a number of benefits, with convenience and efficiency at the top of that list. However, you first need to understand how to use video call technology to onboard the latest addition to your team. Here are some suggestions: 

Introduce Your Video Conferencing Solution for Business

With many companies green-lighting work-from-home flexibility, sometimes you have to train new staff from a distance. This is made easier by introducing the employee to the video conferencing technology that’s used internally. 

During this process, you will create a new user account for the employee, give them a quick tour of the video call program, and explain any video chat-related codes of conduct your company has. Once these steps have been taken, you can begin to virtually train a new employee no matter where they are stationed. 

Present Your Workflow Processes and Expectations 

Most video chat apps make it possible to share multimedia presentations to whomever you are in a virtual meeting with. You should take advantage of this at the outset of an employee’s time at your company.

In the first week – if not the first day – share a presentation via video chat that outlines workflow processes and expectations. By creating an engaging and visually attractive presentation on how your company operates, chances are the finer points will stick better to the person’s memory.

Connect New Staff with Longstanding Staff Members 

After you have personally welcomed the new hire, video calls should subsequently be scheduled with those the person will be working with.

Firstly, this gives the employee a chance to immediately feel like a member of the team. Secondly, building these connections early on will make it easier for this person to hit the ground running with their daily tasks, and know who to turn to if any issues arise.

Meet Regularly to Answer Any Questions

Starting a new job can be intimidating and nerve-wracking even after making it through the first week. As such, it is important for managers/supervisors to regularly check in with the fresh hire.

Whether this is a semi-daily, or weekly occurrence, these virtual meetings should be held to answer any questions or concerns the individual has. What’s more, this type of virtual meeting training tool is the perfect space for you to offer any new guidance that you believe is warranted.

Sometimes, new employees stumble because they feel nervous about continuously seeking managerial assistance at the beginning of their tenure. It is your job to see this is a thought that never crosses any staff member’s mind.

Focus on Building a Rapport 

Beyond using video calls as a method to strictly train a new person on how the company operates, also use your online meeting platform of choice as a space to build a positive rapport. 

Yes, of course it is very important to keep any business relationship as professional as possible. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid trying to relate on a human level as well.

Simple, friendly discussions about weekend plans, the wonderful weather outside, or an interesting article you read is a nice way to break the ice and build a healthy respect for one another. 

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