Can You Make Video Calls from the Cottage? Of Course!

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Adam Grant

When the weather gets nice, it’s only natural to want to pack up the car and zip over to the cottage. However, as great as it is to make this type of escape, sometimes you may need to join a video call for personal or business purposes.

Although a cottage setting is not the easiest place to do video conferencing from, it is definitely still possible. If you were looking for tips and tricks to make your remote video chats better, we’ve got you covered.

Create Great Connectivity

Depending on where your cottage is located, you may have trouble getting a high-quality Internet connection. In some cases, this can be fixed by having the right equipment at your disposal.

First, have a powerful mobile device or computer that can easily connect to the network(s) around you. Then, see that your cottage has a strong router, modem, and perhaps even an Internet booster. Last – but certainly not least – use an online meeting platform that you trust will not immediately boot you off a video call at the first small sign of faulty Internet.

Find an Aesthetically Pleasing Call Location

Whether on a video call with your friends, or the boss, locate a spot at the cottage to do your gatherings from. You do not want to find a place where you, or those on the call with you, are being blinded or washed out by the sun.

Additionally, you do not want too much shade. No matter the video chat app you use, if someone can’t see you, they will not have much interest in staying on a call for too long.

Be Distraction-free

As much as cottages are tranquil, relaxing places to be, you will still likely have many preoccupations during your time there.

If you have to go on a virtual meeting of any sort, only do so when you can give those on the other end of the call your undivided attention. Don’t be at the grill flipping burgers or attempting to repair a sunburn when discussing numbers with your head of sales.

Spread Out Your Calls

You are at the cottage. As such, it is very likely that the kids would like you to hook up the inner-tube to the boat and go for a spin. Your partner is likely hoping for some quality time on a hike, while you also have an interest in spending a few peaceful hours on the dock with a fishing rod.

Just because you can get on a video call from your cottage, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set parameters around your availability. Yes, there are times where you may be needed in a virtual meeting to handle a crisis. Apart from those instances, though, you shouldn’t have to feel tied to your device.

Don’t Be a Bragger

Remember, not everyone is lucky enough to have a cottage they can get to when in need of a break from the grind.

If a business video call comes in, please do not spend the first 10 minutes of it boasting about how this particular cottage experience has treated you thus far. Of course, it’s fair to talk about stuff like this if someone brings it up to you, just don’t allow yourself to get too carried away with the highlights.

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