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Whether it is for business or personal commitments, you should always find ways to freshen up the feel of your video calls – especially once the summer hits.

Summertime often brings with it a more relaxed, yet perkier demeanor in people. The sun is shining, temperatures are toasty, and getting outside is something we all race to do. When a virtual meeting needs to occur during this wonderful time of year, consider bringing those summer vibes to it.

Here is how to do that:

Beachwear-themed Video Chats

Can we all just agree that beachwear is the most comfortable, colourful, and smile-inducing  wardrobe option out there? Thank you. 

To bring these positive feelings to a video call, encourage everyone attending it to pop on their favourite Hawaiian shirt, cabana button-up, summer dress, or poolside cover up. This will bring a fun, relaxed atmosphere to the gathering and let everyone showcase a different side of their style.

Get a Warm Weather Background 

For years, people have been adding virtual backgrounds for any video conferencing session they participate in. Oftentimes, these are pretty straightforward, as to not distract others on the call. 

But in this case, why not let summer motivate you to upload a beach- or ocean-view background to your video feed? Seeing yourself amidst those surroundings will put you in a great headspace and perhaps create an in-meeting conversation about some of the fun summer activities everyone has planned for the year. 

Cocktail Hour 

Now, moderation is key for any video call in which cocktails become a part of – particularly if this meeting is business-related. That said, there are a ton of fun summer-themed drinks (i.e., Mai Tais, daiquiris, margaritas, etc.) which are easy to make and have at your side during a casual get-together.

Since many summer activities for adults feature the option to have an alcoholic beverage, you can plan a video call online where all participants drink from a predetermined menu. You can even go one step further and have everyone make their version of a fan-favourite cocktail.

Play Cottage Games 

While going to the cottage usually involves fishing from the dock, taking the boat out, or just relaxing in a wooded area, playing games is also a big getaway tradition.

Of course, not every one of these games would work well over a video call – one has to think Twister would be tough virtually. However, certain card games can be done from a distance, not to mention Yahtzee, charades, or any form of trivia. 

Incorporating these summer activities into some of your video conferencing commitments will foster great interaction and laughs amongst everyone in attendance. 

Sit Outside

Perhaps, participating in video calls from a warm, outdoor spot during summer months is the best way to bring that summer vibe to your video chats.

Even though this is an amazing, yet obvious idea, it does require some thought. You need to make sure you are not sitting in a spot in which the sun negatively impacts how you look on video. Also, you have to find an area in which the glare off of your device’s screen isn’t detrimental to you.

Getting outside for calls is great, but only if everyone can actually see one another clearly and completely.

Banty has a wide selection of virtual meeting solutions for those who want to bring summer to their video calls. These are some of our highlighted features:

Custom URL: Each Banty user gets to create a permanent, unique URL (i.e., This is the link that’s sent to everyone invited to your online meeting space.

Top-Notch Security: All meetings you have on Banty will be protected by end-to-end encryption technology to ensure maximum privacy.

No More Dropped Calls: If anyone on your call has a slow Internet connection, you can manually adjust your video quality so that they no longer experience a choppy feed.

Stay on Schedule: Book and manage all your meetings (summery or otherwise) using the agenda section within your Banty admin portal.

Door Lock: Enable the door lock feature in your room to stop anyone from accidentally walking into your casual cocktail hour. When you are ready to see this person, simply unfasten the lock.

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