3 Ways Video Conferencing Helped Recruiters

A New Age of Hiring Efficiency

In the past, HR recruiters would need to schedule a telephone interview, an in-person HR interview and an in-person hiring manager interview. This meant they had to spend a lot more time eliminating potential candidates to streamline the hiring process, and it still took them too long sometimes. With the introduction of video conferencing software in the recruiting field, things became easier for a lot of HR hiring specialists. Specifically, the ones working with employers who embraced the greater efficiency video conferencing software brought to their teams. The following are a few ways that virtual meeting solutions helped recruiters in companies that embraced said solutions.

1. Faster Interview Process

The old interview process is the one listed above. Telephone interview, HR interview and hiring manager interview. Now, a significant number of employers embrace a process whereby their recruiters simply email potential candidates a choice of times to speak with the hiring manager in a single video call. This is the entirety of the interview process for some organisations. This enables HR recruiters to offer several more viable replacements for hiring managers than they could have with the older interview process; in case the hiring doesn’t work out with a particular candidate. Which brings us to the second point.

2. Faster Interview Cycle

The cycle differs from the process. The interview cycle is basically a turnover rate for interviews. Except a high turnover rate for interviews during a hire for a particular role is usually a very good thing. As opposed to a high turnover rate for people to fulfill a particular role. A high turnover rate for hires basically means that no one you hire for the job sticks around long enough to make good progress, whether it's because they’re dissatisfied with the job or because you end up having to let them go. Whatever the reason, it’s a hiring failure.

But a high turnover rate for interviews means you can efficiently have more interviews within a smaller amount of time. This means you can interview more candidates than you would have if your candidates were coming in for two in-person interviews on two different days, as well as interviewing initially on the phone. Additionally, you neither have to account for the time it takes a new candidate to arrive and find their way in, or an interviewed one to leave and find their way out. You could literally schedule four or five virtual interviews back-to-back, in a single day.

3. Saving Money & Boosting the Talent Pool

Some organisations frequently need to consider people who live within flying distance from them for certain roles. People who live in other states, provinces or even countries. These people would often be flown out for interviews at the organisations' expense. Airline tickets, accommodations, all of these can be rather significant expenses if you make several hires like those a year. Nowadays, an efficient video call can take care of that long distance interview for you. Saving your company immense expense!

On top of that, the talent pool your organisation can now draw from is considerably expanded. There are roles organisations need to hire for without paying for flights and accommodation for anyone. Your company needs the hire, but doesn't need it enough to fly someone over. In the past that meant that those who lived too far away at the moment were automatically disqualified, because they couldn’t come in for an interview. Nowadays, the interview can be done via video call and if they’re hired for the role they can relocate for it. Or they could remain where they are if their role is mostly based on remote work.

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