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Get your whole team in a single video call online!

Banty enterprise is the solution for connecting large teams and companies using video chat. If you want to video call with large numbers on a regular basis, this is definitely the video conferencing software for you. As far as video conferencing platforms go, our team will develop a completely custom interface that will allow you to seamlessly connect with your colleagues. Whether you need a simple video chat solution for your team of over 30 people or you’re looking for video conferencing solutions to connect teams across separate locations, Banty Enterprise is the custom webRTC solution for your business.

Banty enterprise enables real-time, feature-rich video conferencing, which includes:

Pricing Plan
For accounts with over 30 users, custom WebRTC solutions, and dedicated server support.

A completely custom interface developed for your business

Every business’s video call needs are unique. At Banty, we recognise that. This is why we help you customise the interface to your virtual offices and meeting rooms at Banty to your exact requirements. Unlike other video call solutions and video conferencing applications, at Banty, our developers and customer service experts come together to design an online digital presence specifically designed for your particular set of business needs.

Custom webRTC solutions

Banty Enterprise relies on Web Real-Time Communication technology. WebRTC for short. WebRTC technology is about operating direct, peer-to-peer communication, with no additional plugins or external application downloads for your device. That means that webRTC in general is based upon the similarities between platforms. Normally, this doesn’t leave much room for customization. However, our team at Banty has developed unique webRTC solutions for Banty Enterprise. Solutions which allow for the most versatile video call customization imaginable, without the need for downloading any dedicated video chat software or video conferencing apps. With Banty Enterprise, you get web RTC technology that works for you.

Allows teams of over 30 to easily video chat and collaborate

Do you manage a team of over 25 people? 30? 100? More? Do you manage multiple teams who all need to video call you and each other on a regular basis? None of that is a problem. Banty Enterprise can cover that for you and more. Share your screen with as many people as you have on the video call, for essential reading and explanation. Give detailed presentations with video slides to your whole team. Watch videos together, use picture-in-picture and split screen features to magnify and highlight important information, and more! Banty Enterprise is so much more than a secure video platform for larger teams. Banty Enterprise is the ultimate video conferencing solution for your business.

Record any video session

Just like in-person, proximal meetings, some things get lost in remote video chat. Banty Enterprise however, has just the right video conferencing tools to eliminate this possibility within your organization. To ensure an optimal experience and review both the content of your team’s conversations within the meeting, as well as any information displayed visually through manual or digital means, Banty offers you an additional video call feature. All meetings or conferences, no matter the number of attendees and participants, may be recorded in full, if your organization needs to do so. The chance to review a meeting in full is realistic enough in this day and age. Why rely on minutes alone, when you can replay parts (or all!) of the original meeting and correct any potential oversight in the minutes? Banty Enterprise offers you, along with a number of other video call tools, this particular ability.

Branded corporate pages

Use your organisation’s logo, graphics and colour scheme on all your Banty pages: your virtual offices, your meeting rooms, and more. Give your clients that familiar feeling your offices are known for.


With Banty Enterprise you get a dedicated web address. More than one! Want someone to find you for a video call? Want to find another Banty user? Easy. No downloads. No temporary meeting platforms. Just use your very own customized URL to put into any browser. Each account gets one. Even your organization’s general meeting room. If you’re hosting, you let them in. If they’re hosting, they let you in. No hassle. Say goodbye to generating complex meeting identifications. No more complicated pins and passwords with long-winded requirements. No more jumping through hoops just to have a video chat. Hosting a meeting? Just click. Boom. You’re meeting. Joining a video call? Just put in your name. Boom. You’re on the call. They can even find your meeting room by looking you up online, if you allow your meeting room to be found by search engines!


Banty Enterprise comes with its own scheduler! Need to remember a meeting online? Not a problem! With a few intuitive clicks, a notification with reminders can be set up for an online video chat in less than two minutes! Send out invitations to whomever you’re speaking with! Never miss a meeting again!

Google Calendar integration

If you already use Google Calendar for scheduling, don’t worry! You don’t have to change to Banty Enterprise’s scheduling feature. Keep using Google Calendar to setup your meetings as seamlessly as you’ve always done. Banty Enterprise is fully integrated with Google Calendar.

Role-based permissions

At Banty, we understand how sensitive information can be sometimes. In light of that understanding, we’ve built a number of solutions to support private video chat functions and private video conferencing. For Banty Enterprise in particular, we give you the option of role-based permissions, also known as role-based access control (RBAC). This ensures the security of your team’s information at every layer of your organization, so that everything can be accounted for. If security is a top priority in your organization, Banty Enterprise is a great option.

Advanced security and end-to-end encryption

Further security features include our standard server-to-server, end-to-end encryption. While role-based access control protects your organization from the inside, our advanced server-to-server encryption security protects you from any potential outside attack, securing any information belonging to your organization or your team externally. Banty Enterprise, along with all of Banty’s platforms, has state-of-the-art security.