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Own your virtual meeting room

Customize your business’ video meeting rooms with your brand identity and name your banty URL after your company so your clients can easily find your virtual office.

Accessible from anywhere

Host or attend your virtual meetings from anywhere in the world and collaborate with your team online using your banty online video conferencing hub.


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Meet Your Goals

Talk to your customers face to face to discuss and fulfill their wants and needs in real-time with HD audio and video


Connect to all your Banty video meetings with just one-click on any browser you want; there’s no need to install any software (for desktop users). Our online meeting platform easily works on any browser, and your guests will be able to join your virtual meetings seamlessly.

Banty is a real end-to-end encrypted online meeting platform, meaning nobody has access to your personal data. Customer security is one of our most important priorities. We use the most secure encryption systems to protect our users’ data and ensure their online video meetings are safe and functional.

Keep your virtual meeting room safe by locking the door. Only the people who have permission from you can join your video meeting, ensuring you’ll never be interrupted.

For the times you just want to kick back and watch some YouTube videos with your friends or family. Banty Personal lets you share YouTube videos with everyone in the virtual meeting so you can all watch it together. Just input the link of your desired video and the chat will bring it up for everyone.

Customize your banty meeting room
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Professional, clean, and with the ability to brand your video meeting room, Banty Personal is the best video conferencing solution for individual business owners, freelancers and sole practitioners.

Choose whatever URL you desire for your virtual office so your customers, clients, colleagues, and friends know exactly how to reach you. Choose your name, such as, or your business, such as The choice is yours, and you can easily customize your virtual conferencing room.

Talk to your clients and colleagues in incredible HD video and audio. There’s nothing like hearing and seeing your people clearly. It’s our goal to enhance your virtual meeting experience.

Participants can share their screens, raise their virtual hand, record their video conferences, and so much more. Banty was made for online collaboration.

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Premium video conferencing

Are you unhappy with the available free video chat platforms? You’re not alone. The Banty team hated using these to confer with our colleagues and friends. Their video meetings' feeds are sometimes fuzzy and the audio lags, many of them are constantly trying to serve you ads and steal your data, and sending the wrong link is a common issue that gets everyone’s wires crossed. Banty Personal solves all of these issues and more. Our platform is the video conferencing and the remote working solution made for professionals who care about quality and security and want to host secure online video conferences without any ads or headaches.

Easy to use virtual meetings

With Banty Personal, you can easily video meeting, chat, and communicate with anyone you want in a safe and secure end-to-end encrypted environment. Simply send whoever you want to talk to your custom Banty URL and you’ll be face to face in no time. Video calling has never been this easy.

Customize your video calling experience

Banty’s video conferencing platform offers unrivalled customizability. Choose your own unique URL and make it your virtual meeting hub forever. You can pick whatever you like, be it or something more fun like, and that will be the link you send to your friends so they can hop on your video conference call. Banty users also have the freedom to customize their web conferencing rooms as they see fit. Add your photo, choose the video call colors, and so much more. It’s your own virtual conferencing room to play in.

More Value

Available for $19.95 CAD/month, Banty Personal is available at a lower price than our web conferencing competitors. Fitted with all the features you need to collaborate and video chat, and more we’re always working to add, Banty Personal is the virtual meeting solution you’ve been looking for.



Banty’s Canadian based support team is here to help you no matter how comfortable you are with technology. We strive to make technology easy to use, so our team is happy to resolve any issue you run into. Let’s simplify technology together.

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