4 Games You Can Play with Banty Personal

Some of the best online games to play with friends and family

Some of us play games online in various forms. Most of those who don’t play, know someone that does. But there’s more to playing online than using dedicated video games. On Banty Personal, or any of the other subscription video call platforms offered by Banty, you have quite a few fun options for online games to play with your friends or coworkers. Playing games is a great way to connect with others over long distances, and creates interesting material for conversation. It’s also a good way to bond for teammates on the professional level.

We’ve listed a few of the online games you can play using Banty Personal for your next virtual game night. One or two of them may surprise you. Read through the four games below and try them sometime using your subscription Banty account.

1. Hangman

No Stick Diagram characters were hurt in the making of this picture

One of the simpler yet addicting games, Hangman is perfect for playing with others using Banty. For this game, you can utilise a special Banty feature. The “share a document” level of screen sharing will open a whiteboard on all participants’ screens. If your monitor is compatible with digital pens, you can play hangman five thousand miles across the world, manually, the way you do at home when you invite some guests over. If not, you can still have a very similar experience using your mouse or touchpad. The whiteboard offers significant and surprisingly versatile illustration options. This is why we include Hangman amongst the online games that you can play despite it remaining a highly manual game, played the old school way.

2. Charades

You never thought of charades as an online game did you? But with Banty Personal, it is! Or at least, it can be. You can play two versions of charades if you’re more than two people on the Banty video conference. The first one you probably already know. One person enacts the charade while everyone else guesses out loud. The second one may make for an interesting variation. Guessing via Banty’s chat option. In this way, Banty offers an extra option. Claims of “I said it first” can get less competitive when the chat function definitively proves who spoke.

3. Battleship

That’s right. You can use Banty’s virtual meeting room to manually play Battleship with your friends! Another of those addicting games played in our living rooms, Battleship can be one of the most exciting online games to play as well! No apps or downloads required. Have a good old fashioned board game night from the comfort of your own home. The reason video conferencing is a better option for long-distance Battleship than regular game apps is because it gives you the chance to watch your fellow player’s reactions! You’ll need physical battleship sets for that, unless you and the other players prefer making your own grids from paper, but it can be great fun!

4. Would You Rather

Playing Would You Rather online is rather another fun and obvious choice. But Banty brings it to you with a newer twist. Using the Launch a Poll option, you can digitize your Would You Rather game and collect the data for later, to use in further games and entertainment, rather than just having one session of Would You Rather. Of course, you could scrap that and just enjoy going fully old school from the comfort of your own home. Personally, I would use the chat to remind everyone what the questions and options are, but the game can be played more than one way with Banty!

Try out one of those games tonight, assuming you’ve already signed up for Banty. To preserve the memory of an exciting game night forever, you can use Banty’s recording feature throughout the online games and never miss any detail! If you’d like to sign up but still haven’t gotten round to it, you can get a free trial for Banty Personal for fourteen days! So you can still start tonight. You can also start a free trial with other Banty options and still play all of those spectacular games above. So If you haven’t already signed up for Banty, you can get a fourteen day free trial today! Learn about all your Banty options here.

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