Why Video Meetings Are Great for Enterprise

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Adam Grant

When you have a big team trying to achieve big things, it is very important to establish a culture of strong communication. As such, more enterprise companies are shifting to virtual meeting platforms to take advantage of their multiple benefits.

We believe that all leaders and staff of small and medium enterprises - as well as gigantic ones - should have a sizeable understanding of why now is the time to embrace a quality video chat solution. 

Here are three reasons why video meetings are great for enterprise:

Increased Team Interaction

A really beautiful aspect of video conferences is the ability to get your entire team together in one spot, no matter where in the world each member might be. 

While emails are a significant resource for delegating, discussing, and collaborating on projects, having face-to-face conversations can provide a clearer path toward an end goal.

An excellent video call is where opinions are considered and details can be sorted through. What’s more, they help people avoid any potential miscommunication that has the chance to develop over an extended email chain.

Last, but certainly not least, these meetings help build unbreakable team unity and motivate everyone to pull on the same end of the rope. When you have a better understanding of who you are working with, you will do your best to see that they succeed as well. 

Heightened Productivity

Virtual meeting platforms have done an amazing job at giving enterprise-level companies a number of features focused on increasing productivity. 

Screen sharing itself has become a very practical, yet fashionable way to review proposals, contracts, and other documents without everyone needing to print out mountains of paperwork. Then you have digital whiteboards that make it easy for teams to literally draw up their plans. 

Add in polling, chat rooms, plus video share tools, and you have an online meeting space that feels like a boardroom, minus the stale air and tight seating arrangement. 

Brand Identity

The best virtual meeting platforms allow all companies to share what they are about, thanks to custom branding options.

No longer does a virtual meeting need to have a bland atmosphere that does not accurately reflect the personality and vision of your business. Now, your video chat space can feature a company logo, applicable imagery, as well as an introductory statement about what makes you stand out from competitors in your industry. 

Dedicating this much care and attention to the elements of your video call space will show all current, or future clients, just how detail-oriented your company is.

As far as we are concerned, the best virtual meeting platforms are the ones who truly care about giving subscribers the chance to brand themselves accordingly. 

Banty is the ideal solution for any enterprise business with 30 or more team members. Packages start at $499 CAD/month

We offer our Enterprise clientele the following: 

·  A company-specific interface for your virtual offices and meeting rooms, created with the assistance of Banty developers and customer service experts

·  webRTC solutions that allow for a versatile video call customization without the need for downloading dedicated video chat software or video conferencing    apps

·  Branded corporate pages where you can share your company logo, colours and any supporting graphics

·  An intuitive scheduling system that makes it easy to keep track of each day’s appointments

·  Secure end-to-end encryption technology designed to protect the privacy of video calls you participate in while using Banty   

·  Regardless of your Enterprise location, Banty meeting rooms can be accessed from any desktop browser, or through our mobile app for iOS and Android devices

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