How to Conduct a Business Video Call Efficiently

Three steps you can take to ensure you get the best of your virtual meeting online

Video conferencing software made virtually meeting someone quite easy in this day and age. Some video conferencing solutions make it as simple as clicking a button. But as we begin to do something more frequently, it becomes more important to learn to do it efficiently so that it presents no obstacles throughout our regular productive days. Below, we’ve listed three things you can do to keep almost every business video conference you plan on having tight and efficient.

1. Plan Ahead

A video meeting is just like a regular meeting. When you’re video calling for business, prepare for the things that matter as you would for an in-person meeting. If you’re the one holding the meeting, write out a meeting agenda. Email it to everyone. This should help keep the entire video call on course and help bring it back to course if one of the participants goes off on a tangent.

If you’re not the one who called the video meeting, then write out a list for any potential questions you may want to ask or points you might like to address during the video call. Make sure to have something handy on standby to write or type the answers or resolutions, whether it’s on paper or on your desktop’s notepad. The more people do this, the quicker everybody gets what they need out of any given video conference call.

2. Stick to the Schedule

It’s always good to work with someone who understands the value of time. That way, if you’re making a video call on a day where time is tight, they won’t be offended if you remind everybody politely to stick to the schedule. That said, it’s not always an option. Sometimes you’re just sure you’ll embarrass someone if you tell them you need to move on, no matter how politely you say it, and in a few of these times it’s simply not an option to embarrass them. However, it is always an option to avoid the temptation of running on yourself and exceeding the time allotted to you (or which you allotted yourself). No matter how amazing your video conferencing software is, try to not spend more time than you initially meant to on your video call online.

3. Keep Reliable Records

You can record your video meeting on all of Banty’s virtual meeting platforms, but if you’re not ready to start a fourteen day free trial with us, there are other ways to go. Like mentioned in point number 1, you can write down answers to questions you ask and resolutions to points you address, but if it’s a wider meeting, you can also have someone be in charge of keeping minutes. Or you could try and record the meeting with an external device or external software, after letting everybody know of course. The important thing is to keep a reliable record of the video call that you and your team can fall back to, when determining a course of action.

These three tips should help with making your business video calls more efficient, so that you can make the most of the time spent on your video chatting platform. If you’re considering several video chat apps, and you’re not sure which video chat app to choose, this article might help make things a little clearer for you. Of course, experiencing fourteen days of spectacular video conferences for free with any of Banty’s video chatting solutions might clear things up for you a lot faster.

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