What Video Conferencing Means for the Future

How Video Calls Will Further Change our World in the Coming Age

Video conferencing software has already changed the world. It’s already happened. However, the video call continues to change our world and as stronger, faster, and more reliable internet spreads further across the globe a lot more of that change is coming. But what can we expect from these changes? Do we know exactly what’s coming? The answer to that is no. Not exactly. But we have a fair estimate of a few things that will generally happen within the next twenty years due to advancements in virtual meeting technology reaching the mainstream. So we thought we’d share them with you here at Banty.

1. A Radical Rise in Remote Work

There is still a need for on site employment as far as anybody can see ahead. Some jobs we still need simply can’t be done any other way. That said, within the next 20 years, the vast majority of jobs currently being done exclusively from desks and offices will be done remotely. The COVID-19 crisis helped outline how manageable it already is for many employers and as far as anyone knows, it’s only getting easier as the technology gets better. In the wake of vaccination, a lot of organisations will be laying out plans to save themselves the expenditures which come with bigger offices.

Aside from that, a number of workers' rights groups and unions will soon be pushing for it. Between employee demand and employer willingness, a change towards greater remote-based employment for office workers seems almost inevitable.

Only a few years ago, ads on social media promising to teach you how to live a free roaming, “work on your laptop by the beach” lifestyle seemed to be a little surreal. But soon enough, you won’t need to start a drop shipping business or get rich on forex or build an empire of clickable ads which yields you a ginormous passive income. To live the nomad life on your laptop, all you’ll need to do is get a regular desk job. Bookkeeper, HR rep, content writer, web developer… You name it. Depending on who you work for and how you budget yourself, you could probably swing it with a remote data entry job.

Alternatively, you could just elect to work from home, or a nice place next to your home with great Wi-Fi. The nomad life isn’t for everyone. Wherever you choose to work, easier, better video chatting is to thank. From the comfort of your home or a beach in Malaysia, you can jump right into a meeting with your boss, a client, or your whole team. If video conferencing weren’t advancing so rapidly, there would be a lot more on site workers 20 years from now. Which brings us to the next point.

2. Easier Commutes

Most communities have population growth projections. To say that because of more people working remotely, less people will be commuting to work would be inaccurate. However, less people will be commuting to work 20 years from now than there would have been if the video call and telecommuting were not becoming advanced enough to progress to a “new normal” system. So if your job requires you to be on site 20 years from now, you can thank the teams which build you better, more reliable video conferencing software for making your commute easier.

3. Small Scale Outsourcing

Still considered cheating nowadays, with the rise of employees who aren't being monitored by their bosses too closely, and  employers wising up as to the fact that they just want their work done well and reliably, you can expect an increase in firms which offer to do grunt work for other organisations' employees, so that the client employee in this scenario can enjoy more free time.

In fact, you can probably expect a few organisations to unofficially build it into the compensation they offer certain employees, because it would be cheaper than hiring them an assistant. Of course, while there will be a rise in outsourcing grunt work, there won’t be many employees who can outsource all or most of their roles for long. Because many corporations are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, they are bound to discover which roles they can outsource reliably in the same way their employees did.

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