Why it Pays to Smartly Schedule Video Calls

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Adam Grant

As you already know, it can be very easy to initiate a video call for your business. Unfortunately, sometimes this convenience can get the best of us and put those we want to have a virtual meeting with in a precarious position.

While certain spontaneous online staff meetings are unavoidable, it is more beneficial for all involved to schedule a meeting as well in advance as possible. This is why: 

Staff Feel Better Prepared

When a video call schedule maker gives employees a fair amount of notice – as well as an indication of what a meeting will be about – it helps them feel better prepared.

Individuals will have time to gather their thoughts, create notes, generate questions, and feel more focused on the matters being discussed. As a result, they will be able to contribute at a higher level. 

Taking this approach can lead to a more productive gathering and eliminate the need for holding multiple meetings to resolve one specific matter or assignment. 

Everyone Can Massage their Calendars Accordingly 

When a team member gets zoned-in on a task, the last thing they want is to be interrupted by an unscheduled video call. This shift-in-focus has the power to slow a person’s productivity until they’re able to re-find their working rhythm.

By staff scheduling effectively, a person can better balance their project commitments with their video conferencing commitments.

Furthermore, this will make staff feel like their time is being valued. When there is a lot of work to complete, every single minute of the day matters. 

You Get to Promote an Organized Company Culture

When you know how to schedule a meeting, it goes a long way toward promoting an organized company culture. This shows your team that company leadership appreciates and implements practices capable of helping everyone remain as productive as possible.

The better developed video chat staff scheduling is, the more likely it is that your team respects other workflow policies and remains focused on exceeding internal expectations.

Fewer Surprises Equal Less in-Meeting Stress 

Not everyone reacts well to surprises. In fact, when someone is given really short notice about having to attend a virtual meeting, a rush of stress can roll through the body.

This type of stress could wind up minimizing how much positive impact an employee has during a meeting. Instead of sharing ideas that would’ve been clear had proper staff scheduling methods been employed, this person ends up delivering less impactful thoughts.

When you choose to schedule a virtual meeting, you give every participant the chance to make a positive contribution. Once a video call schedule maker understands this, these get-togethers will feel far more fruitful.

Banty video conferencing helps Business, Enterprise and Medical Practice clients fulfill their online meeting needs. Here’s a look at some of our prized features:

Intuitive Scheduling: Your Banty meeting room comes with an online calendar function that helps you manage your day-to-day appointments. What’s more, whenever a client, patient, or business partner accepts an invitation from you, meeting details automatically appear in their Google Calendars. 

Custom URL: Each Banty client gets to create a unique URL (i.e., Banty.com/SmithIndustries). This is the link all meeting invitees will use to get in touch with you at the agreed upon time.

No Dropped Calls: If the person you are meeting with has slow Internet, you can adjust the bitrate speed of your video. This will make it more accessible to those who may be having connectivity issues.

Active Speaker View: To focus everyone’s attention on a specific presenter during a video call, utilize the active speaker view. This is ideal when a manager really wants their staff to zone-in on a certain assignment request.

Secure Meeting Rooms: Banty uses end-to-end encryption technology to ensure all meetings remain secure and private. To further control who enters your meeting room and when, take advantage of the virtual waiting room and door lock features.

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