How to Keep Your Energy Up During a Week Filled with Video Calls

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We all have those weeks, right? Those weeks where you have a steady stream of video calls to participate in with both coworkers and clients. As the days roll on, energy begins to drain and you start to wonder if you’ll have enough steam to make it through.

Even if you love speaking with people in a virtual meeting setting, a high volume of activity can still wear you down. However, there are ways to keep your energy up during the crunch. 

Take Your Sleep Seriously 

As days fill up with video conference commitments, it is very important to take your sleep seriously. Nighttime can come with many temptations that take us away from getting to bed at a reasonable hour. You may not feel it at first, but as the week goes on, succumbing to such temptations will eventually tire you out. 

Sometimes, even as an adult, it makes sense to commit to a certain bedtime and stick with it. This will help your body and mind recover from a hectic at-work schedule, and allow you to function better the following day. 

Get in Some Exercise

Whether it is jogging, yoga, or a full-blown weight room experience, exercising regularly is a proven way to heighten how much energy you have. What’s more, such activity will improve your alertness and assist you in maintaining a clearer mind. 

One thing to consider, however, is to not do a heavy-duty workout right before a video meeting. Not only could you have trouble catching your breath in a timely fashion, but there is also a great chance that you’ll still be sweating. Always give yourself enough time to properly cool down before jumping onto an online meeting platform to meet with associates or potential clients.

Music Between Calls 

Whenever possible, manufacture a bit of time between video calls for yourself. This will give you the opportunity to collect your thoughts for the next virtual meeting, as well as afford you some wiggle room if a call runs long.

Another reason to schedule a meeting gap is to crank up a few tunes (maybe even have an off-camera solo dance-a-thon) and get the adrenaline going. Sometimes, the quickest way out of an exhausted, post-meeting mindset is to play some songs capable of revving you up. 

Be Prepared Ahead of Time 

No matter how many video calls you have on a particular day, you should always be as prepared as possible. While gearing up for a live video chat online does require exerting a certain amount of energy, this won’t take as much out of you as having to wing it during a team meeting.

When prepared, you know what you will be speaking about, listening up for, and how the virtual meeting should unfold. By going in unprepared, you will be forced to waste energy on trying to cover for your lack of preparedness. Improvising throughout a video conference is not only exhausting, but it also becomes increasingly harder to do over time.

Minimize Distractions

There will be days when video call obligations dominate your schedule. On occasions like this, do your best to keep distractions at a distance. This can be done a number of ways, starting with finding a private, quiet space where you can connect yourself to client or staff meetings. Being in such a room will allow you to focus on one thing and not have you waste energy on tuning out what’s going on around you.

Additionally – unless you are up against a critical deadline – put your paperwork aside and tune out your emails for a bit. Being pulled in too many directions at once is a guaranteed way to burn yourself out before video call commitments have been completed. 

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