Building Better Productivity Habits Using Video Calls

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Being productive can be challenging. Downtime is great, but often enough we power down at the first opportunity out of habit rather than inherent need. And habit can also help us exploit the times we “don’t” need to power down, to take on more productive, life enhancing steps whenever we can. You might already know habits can help us utilise more of our energy. But did you know that a video call online with video conferencing software can build such habits and improve existing ones? Keep reading to find out how a virtual meeting or a regular video call can improve your productivity habits.

1. Schedule Video Meetings as Cues

On any given day, there’s a number of people I’d like to catch up with. Professionally, personally, or educationally. But the practicality of meeting them physically can be challenging. Particularly if some of them live in other cities, or even other countries. Some of you are probably the same, at least on a personal level. If this is the case, then make a list of all such people in your life. Now select the ones who might be open to scheduling regular meetings using virtual meeting apps and wouldn’t be offended by strict time limits. These people now make up your regular video call list. If you have a 20 minute video conference call scheduled with a friend, resolve to reply to personal emails for the next 40 minutes straight afterwards. If you have a 30 minute video call scheduled with your doctor, resolve to carry out a health-related activity right after it. Maybe call your pharmacy for medication right away, log your food, or exercise for 10 minutes. Carry on in that manner.

2. Virtually Meet People Who Inspire You

Inspirational people are not necessarily celebrities. In many of our lives there are people who inspire us. Finding the energy to start and maintain productive habits is easier when we’re inspired. Scheduling a video meeting as a cue for a productive action is great, but it becomes easier to follow up on said action if we’re meeting online with somebody who inspires us to be productive. For an added perk, use Banty’s video conferencing software to simultaneously stream an inspiring YouTube video with the person you’re virtually meeting with on a video call.

3. Get an Accountability Partner

Using your contact list (or rolodex if you still find it helpful) to schedule brief, regular video calls to keep you productive is a good strategy. But you can top it off by getting a formal accountability partner. Schedule a regular video meeting with someone who understands your plans for building better productive habits and shares them. Together, you can discuss progress, plan out next steps, and even outline self-imposed consequences for failing to make the bare minimum amount of time for a few tasks. You could even get multiple accountability partners, or even a support group together. To make this process a little easier, Banty offers you an extra screen sharing option that most video conferencing apps do not. Use the whiteboard feature available on all Banty platforms, in order to illustrate ideas on the fly with your accountability partner(s). Or even draw quick diagrams for everyone on your video call!

Applying only one of the ideas above might prove useful in improving your productive habits. Applying two or all of them in combination can boost these habits even more. You can begin working on setting up those regular virtual meetings starting today. Whether or not you do so with Banty is up to you, but as far as virtual meeting software goes, we do offer you some pretty interesting features. And you can try them all out for free, the first 14 days.

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