How to Stay Accountable Using Banty Video Calls

Don’t let distance become an obstacle to achievement

Accountability can be a legal concept. But in recent years it developed as a self-help tool for maintaining positive things in our lives and attaining goals. People utilising this tool can voluntarily make themselves accountable to their individual process, to someone else, or both. A video call is an obvious way to help with the latter. Especially if you’ve made yourself accountable to one or more people that you cannot physically meet with every time you want to stay accountable. Counterintuitively, you can also stay accountable to yourself using a personal Banty meeting with no other participants. Let’s go through a few ways you can do that together.

1. Record your meeting

This is the method you can use to counter intuitively utilise a video call with no other participants to keep yourself accountable. Whether you’re trying to achieve a certain result, kick a bad habit, develop a good one, or anything else, just record your successes and set-backs in your own voice, out loud, using the Banty recording feature. Voice out the things you think might be holding you back, and reason out potential solutions around them. Next time you hold yourself accountable on your video conferencing software, remember to include whether you tried the solutions you had previously suggested to yourself in your account. Give yourself compliments for progress made or targets achieved, out loud, in your own voice. Some of you might be a little wary with how unfamiliar that feels, but it’s actually quite helpful for a number of people.

2. Set regular virtual meetings with close friends or family members

Some of the things we need to be accountable for may make us feel vulnerable, or embarrassed. A reasonable way to work around that is to have a weekly video call online with someone we’re close enough to share our troubles with. Hold a regular virtual meeting with a close friend or a sibling or even a parent, update them about your issue honestly, and have them grade your progress, your deficiencies, and your potential solutions on a scale of 1 to 10. A score of 4 or less on one of the scales denotes a more pressing need for improvement.

3. Monthly professional consultations

Using video conferencing apps to stay accountable to friends and family is great, but sometimes you might need a little extra help. If you’re trying to lose weight in a particularly challenging situation you might need help from a dietician. If you’re trying to gain an unusual amount of muscle mass, you may need help from a sports coach. If you’re working through personal issues, consulting a therapist may be the way to go. There’s really a large number of people you might potentially need to be accountable to on your journey towards your desired outcome, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. And if seeing them regularly isn’t an option, or perhaps you no longer need that level of guidance, you may benefit from their presence 12 times a year, to hold you accountable to your goals. Schedule a monthly video call with your dietician, your mental health care provider, or your personal trainer. Update them and adjust your path accordingly.

4. Virtual support group

A virtual meeting doesn’t have to be one-on-one. That’s why we call it video conferencing. You can schedule a weekly video conference with a support group. Not every member in this group needs to share your particular goal. All the members simply just need to be looking for others to hold them accountable as well. Use this regular video call to give honest accounts of your progress and setbacks, brainstorm better ways to help everyone achieve their goals and generally, build a process for you and your group to become an inter-accountable community. Speak in turns and utilise the “Raise Your Hand/Lower Your Hand” button on Banty’s video conferencing software to maintain order in your group video call!

You can attempt any of the above methods today, if you’ve already signed up for Banty. You can also combine them. Bonus Tip, the tool you use to accomplish the first method is just as useful for the other methods. With mutual consent, you can record any meeting you have on Banty and review it for improvement of your methods and an external perspective on your dialogues (monologue for point number one). You can get a free trial for any of the Banty subscription options for a period of fourteen days. To pick the right Banty option for you, read about it on the Banty website.

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