Banty’s Guide to Creating a Perfect Custom URL

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One of Banty’s core features is the custom, permanent URL all subscribers get to create once they’ve signed up for an account. Like a website, this meeting room link will serve as another place for associates, clients, patients, or loved ones to find you online.

We know that the virtual meeting link you develop will be of great importance to you. With that in mind, Banty can offer you some tips on how to create a short link that will best represent your needs. 

Keep Professionalism in Mind 

Ideally, branded links for business, enterprise, and medical practices need to have a professional tone to them. Thus, when considering what your custom URL should look like, be mindful of what your professional values are and who will be receiving this link.

The last thing you want to do is make your medical office’s custom short link. Endearing, yes, but not for patients who expect a certain level of decorum from their doctor. 

Be Specific 

The best way to welcome people into the first of many video chats is to send them a custom URL that’s specific and memorable. As noted, a medical office should keep its link professional. Patients of someone named Dr. John Smith will easily remember an appointment link that reads

An independent retailer named Ultimate Sports Equipment should create a custom URL like, or, as a place for video conferencing with manufacturers, distributors, and sales representatives.

If your Banty account is for personal use, the unique URL can theoretically go in any direction. That said, it’s important to remember there may come a time when this link is sent to someone with whom you’ll be discussing a serious matter. As such, still try to be to-the-point and respectful with your URL selection. 

Ask Yourself: “How would I react to this URL?”

Put yourself in the shoes of the people for whom you will be sending Banty video chat meeting invites to. If you type out a custom short link that makes you giggle too hard, chances are this is not something you’d like to forward to your personal finance clients. 

Just like your professional website, social media channels, email newsletters and in-house marketing materials, the Banty URL you create is a representation of your business. Come up with a link that is consistent with the image you’ve worked so hard to cultivate over the years.

Send it to Everyone You Know (Because You Can!)

Be it for business or personal use, we encourage you to make your Banty custom URL available to all who may need to have a virtual meeting with you.

To keep your appointments organized, we have an intuitive scheduling feature. This will stop meetings from overlapping and help you keep everything straight.

If a person happens to show up early to a meeting, or the one you’re in runs late, the individual will be placed into a virtual waiting room. Once you are ready to let them in, unlock your meeting door, welcome the next appointment in, and start your video conference.

Banty offers a number of video call solutions for business and personal use. Click here to see which option is best for you.

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