Who Should Receive a Virtual Meeting Invite?

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Chances are you’ve been in a virtual meeting and quietly asked yourself, “Why am I here?” You were witnessing the discussions, following along with the presentations, and carefully considering all ideas brought forth. However, none of it had anything to do with you and there was no indication that your input or assistance was wanted.

This is too bad because – even though you may have learned something from this video call – your day could’ve been far more productive had you been able to skip this staff meeting and been able to focus on your current projects. 

Unfortunately, some bosses like to have everyone at a team meeting, regardless of if everyone should be there. In reality, these are the only people who should be brought into a video conference: 

Team Leaders 

A virtual meeting, and the work completed as a result of them, are nothing without the presence of team leaders. These do not necessarily have to be those in managerial roles, or employees with a certain level of seniority.

Rather, you want the live video chat online to include members of the team who have strong leadership tendencies. These individuals are unafraid to take charge and get things done. What’s more, they have an uncanny ability to lift the performance of those they work with, all the while keeping a project/initiative moving in the right direction.

Keen Contributors

For video meetings related to projects that will be long and drawn-out, you want all of your hardest worker bees on the call. These are the staff members who take pride in always putting a strong effort forward. They are good with going the extra mile and working long hours to ensure all objectives are met. 

What’s more, these contributors constantly approach all assignments with high-energy and an overwhelming belief in the skills they possess. 

Individuals with Specific Expertise 

To really nail a project, your virtual meeting should be attended by those who have specific expertise. For instance, if your team meeting is to discuss how to create greater advertising revenue in Q4, the company’s top sales people, creative minds, and strategic thinkers should all be on the video call. 

When the right collection of experts join forces within an online meeting platform, it’s likely that a better plan will be put into place, and executed successfully. 


In business, deadlines are 1,000% necessary. Without them, tasks can slip through the cracks and derail certain company-wide plans. 

Over time, a company recognizes which members of the staff can be relied upon for meeting a deadline, and/or completing their part of an assignment well in advance of it. These employees recognize that deadlines exist for a reason and meeting them is beneficial for the company as a whole. 

Owners of Intangible Skills

At times, certain employees will appear on a call hosted through a video chat app, and others will wonder why. This can come up when individuals – who may not seem like obvious participants for a project – are invited into the process because of specific intangible skills.

For example, an employee with a positive attitude and the ability to multitask, could be invited into a video meeting simply because they possess those traits. Even if their experience on aspects of a given project and/or conversation isn’t as heightened as others on the call, their presence could help fuel a more successful end result. 

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