How Virtual Meetings Can Bring Ideas to Life

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One of the biggest reasons for a team meeting is for those involved to develop and share ideas related to a new company-wide project or initiative. For decades, these gatherings primarily took place in boardrooms, as well as probably a few golf courses and hotel lobby bars along the way.

Nowadays, however, virtual meetings have become the new normal. As a result, we have all had to learn how to use an online meeting platform to bring ideas to life. While this can be an easy adjustment for some, others require a little more coaching.

Let’s examine how a virtual meeting room can be the place where ideas turn into realities.

Plenty of Face-to-Face Interaction

When sharing an idea with anyone, seeing how they react to it is important. While still effective communication tools, phone calls, emails, and instant messages do not always make it easy for ideas to be easily translated and understood.

During an online team meeting you are able to form a better connection with those you are presenting an idea to. If their faces tell you the point is being missed, the video call setup makes it simple for you to recognize this and adjust your approach accordingly. 

Plus, a back-and-forth, face-to-face dialogue during a video chat makes it possible to answer any questions or concerns in real-time.

Techy Presentation Tools at Your Disposal

The best video conferencing solutions for business give you a number of techy presentation tools to help you best show off and explain the online business ideas you’ve come up with.

A screen share function is perfect if you want to show everyone in the virtual meeting a slideshow of your idea. Meanwhile, digital whiteboards make it possible for you to spontaneously diagram or further outline how your idea will work 

If those on your team prefer to not verbalize their feelings for an in-meeting idea, you can instead create a poll and gather insights from there.

Promotes Collaboration

Every virtual meeting is an opportunity for you to take an idea and have your brilliant team’s input take it to the next level.

Due to the personal nature of video calls and the tools available in online meeting rooms, certain professionals will find this to be the perfect venue to collaborate. Here, a small or large group can coordinate a virtual meeting that gives everyone a chance to expand upon the original idea presented.

These subsequent ideas can be bounced around the room until the team comes up with a unified perspective on what the next steps should be.

Communicate from Anywhere

Because of international satellite offices and more people working from home, staff meetings are far easier to create if they are converted into virtual meetings.

Yes, some people may have to change their sleep and/or work schedule to accommodate such gatherings, but video calls allow for staff from anywhere to get together and share ideas.

Not having to limit whose opinions you seek – or having to delay an idea due to in-person meeting logistics – helps online business ideas move as fast as you need them to.

Quick Meetings Can be Had

While it is nice to have a good amount of notice ahead of a virtual meeting, sometimes this can’t happen. Emergencies come up, as does a person’s need to help hash an idea out before getting pulled away into other work commitments.

With video calls, generating ideas quickly – and on-the-fly – is very doable. You don’t have to book a boardroom for a conversation that may only take 10 minutes. Rather, you just send someone an invite link to your virtual meeting space and ask that they join you there at a given time.

Often, we feel obligated to drag out in-person meetings because of all the work that usually goes into organizing them. By going virtual instead, you are encouraged to cover what needs to be covered, then say your goodbyes. There is no obligation to stick around any longer than necessary.

Banty’s online meeting platform offers a number of solutions for teams looking to create the next billion-dollar idea. Here are some of our highlighted features:

Custom URL: All Banty users get to create a permanent, unique URL (i.e., This is the link you will forward to anyone invited to one of your online meetings.

Strong Security: Banty meeting rooms keep your conversations secure and private with end-to-end encryption technology.

No More Dropped Calls: If someone on your call has a bad Internet connection, the video will appear choppy to them. To improve this person’s experience, manually adjust the speed of your Banty video feed.

Productivity Tools: Banty meeting rooms come with screen share and digital whiteboard tools. You can also drop the link of a YouTube clip into your meeting. After doing so, everyone will be able to view it in the same video feed.

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