How to Share YouTube Clips in Your Banty Video Calls

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Since its invention in 2005, YouTube has gone on to become one of the most culturally significant forms of technology to ever appear on this earth. As it currently stands, YouTube has more than two billion users and is accessible in over 100 countries and 80 languages. 

While businesses often embrace YouTube as a tool for brand expansion via content creation, they also like to use the video sharing platform during their virtual meetings

When on a Banty video call, you have the power to share YouTube videos with everyone in the meeting. No, you’re not just sharing a URL and having people open it in a separate tab. Rather, the clip you share will open in your video feed for all to see.

Here’s how that works: 

·   Hover your mouse over the video screen until a menu bar appears at the bottom

·   Tap the horizontal three dots icon, followed by the ‘Share a YouTube Video’ option

·   The ‘Share a video’ box will appear on your screen. Copy and paste the YouTube link into the open field 

·   Tap the share button and your clip will start playing on your video feed

·   Repeat these steps if you’d like to share multiple YouTube videos throughout a meeting 

That’s it. A handful of steps capable of making your weekly online staff meeting that much more interesting and engaging.

Now, we are sure you have questions about this awesome Banty feature. Let us try to predict what they are, then answer them for you. 

What can I use this feature for?

It really depends on what you are hoping to achieve in a given video chat.

If your teammates have been working their tails off and seem rundown, you can open YouTube videos of motivational speakers and/or business coaches. This type of footage can light a fire and give everyone a much-needed pick-me-up. 

To lighten the mood, search for funny YouTube videos and let them roll through your virtual meeting. Heaven knows there are millions upon millions of those floating around.

Lastly, this fantastic feature can be used as a way to research a potential client, or to educate your team on business practices you’d like them to adopt.

How is this beneficial to my business?

For one, regularly sharing YouTube videos – when done properly – could generate buzz within your team. All-of-a-sudden, your weekly video chat becomes highly anticipated, as opposed to one that’s expected to be boring and monotonous.

Having your team exposed to interesting multimedia like viral videos, or relatable clips, will keep your team’s attention and help everyone focus on what you are asking from them.

At the very least, you create an online spot that becomes engaging and interactive. When your staff sees this type of effort being put into a pitch meeting, chances are they will follow suit and give their all.

Additionally, being exposed to such content so regularly could inspire your team to wonder about how to make a YouTube channel. Next thing you know, you’ve tapped into another level of your team’s creative side and they wind up producing the company’s most viewed YouTube video. This would definitely add a boost to your company's social media presence.

Why should we make this a part of our usual team video call?

You should include YouTube videos in your online meetings because of everything we’ve discussed above, and the fact that you should take advantage of having such a tool available to you.

Banty’s ‘Share a YouTube Video’ option is a game changer. Upon trying it out, you’ll be struck by its ease of use and how much personality it’ll bring to your video chat.

Yes, slides of infographics, screen shares of company reports, and using a digital whiteboard to map out ideas are all great meeting features. This one, however, has the power to take your weekly virtual meetings in a number of exceptional new directions. 

Banty Business is an easy-to-use video conferencing and work from home solution. Packages start at $39.95 CAD/month. You can also sign up now for a free, 14-day trial.

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