What Video Calls Can Do for Retailers

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For many consumers, retail stores are simply the place they go to pick up goods that’ll fulfill their wants and needs. However, those who work within the retail business understand there is a lot that goes into not only satisfying customers, but also running a successful, profitable operation. 

In many ways, selecting one of the best virtual meeting platforms as a company-wide communication tool can help retailers function at a higher level.

If you work within this sector and want to know how video calls can improve your business, read on:

More Personalized Team Meetings

Whether it is regarding sales figures or an upcoming chain-wide promo event, an online meeting platform can be used to gather all managers to discuss such matters. Having such an avenue for a team meeting will see that everyone is on the same page. What’s more, it’ll create a real togetherness within the company. 

As for single stores, having video call staff meetings is a much more logical approach than bringing in people an hour ahead of their shift to talk business. Those usually called into the store on their day off for a meeting would appreciate this change in approach also. 

Implement a Fresh Customer Service Strategy

Depending on the nature of your retail business, consider expanding customer service practices to include virtual meetings. Although over-the-phone or text chats help resolve certain customer concerns, sometimes the impersonal nature of these methods cause more harm than good.

By using secure video conferencing technology, retailers can speak with customers in a face-to-face manner. Having this type of special attention will make a customer feel like their favourite retailer cares about them, and will do what it takes to correct any issues at-hand. 

From a retail marketing standpoint, just think about how positively customers will react to such an accommodating way of doing business.

Meet with Product Manufacturers and Distributors 

When building new relationships with manufacturers and distributors who create and bring products to your shop, it’s imperative to have video call interactions with them. 

For one, this is a straightforward way to discuss business and gain each other’s trust. As it relates to manufacturers specifically, you can meet with them over a live video chat online to have a look at a finished product, or even see how it is put together.

Interview Prospective New Employees

For the longest time, retail stores relied on in-person job interviews to ascertain new talent. Now, however, retailers can just as easily hop on to a video call with a potential hire to see if they’re right for a specific position.

Conducting interviews this way eliminates having to physically usher candidates in and out of the office all day. What’s more, it is easier to assign a specific end-time to a virtual meeting, meaning fewer interviews will go long and complicate the rest of the day’s schedule.

Staff Training 

Of course, some retailers need to conduct in-person training to really hammer home the finer points about a position. That said, there are other elements of training that can be transferred over to a video call setup.

For instance, a video chat app is a spot in which training materials (i.e., details related to company practices, health and safety, internal protocols, etc.) can be shared in video or slideshow formats. If a retailer wants this type of training completed ahead of an individual’s first shift, going online for it is an excellent strategy. 

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