These 10 Tips Will Make You a Video Call Rock Star

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Anyone can do a virtual meeting. However, in order to become a true video call rock star, there are a number of traits you need to have – and steps you are willing to take – to secure such a reputation. Let’s get right into it:

1. Have a Great Room

Before video meetings made it easier for people to work remotely, the home office often doubled as a household storage space with a desk, chair, and lamp plopped in the middle of the room.

Now, as more and more people work-from-home and participate in frequent video calls each week, the home office needs to be better thought out. Specifically, it needs to be well-lit, decluttered, distraction-free, with a background that’s inviting and outfitted with personal and professional mementos.

2. Ensure Your Audio is Awesome 

Whenever you participate in a live video chat online, you need to be heard. If your workspace is naturally quiet, you can get away with using your device’s internal mic. However, if playing children, a barking dog, or noisy neighbours are afoot, always have a great set of headphones (with a built-in mic) at the ready. 

Depending on your setup and environment, you can also seek out a high-end microphone to ensure your voice always sounds as crisp and clear to others as possible.

3. Be Positive 

Nobody likes being in a video conference session with a room of Debbie Downers. Do your small part to eliminate that vibe by maintaining a positive attitude throughout all video calls you join.

Sure, not all conversations will be inherently pleasant, but approaching these chats with the right frame of mind is a far more productive approach. 

4. Maintain High Energy

In addition to being positive, keep your energy up. Whether presenting or contributing to an important conversation, others will feed off of the enthusiasm you are speaking with. 

Going monotone and communicating dryly will make others wonder how interested you really are about the topic at-hand, and wonder if you are really invested in making a difference.

5. Stay Polite 

As cutthroat as business can sometimes be, it doesn’t hurt to be polite during any video call you are a part of. Exude politeness by not interrupting others, actively listening, and not losing your cool if a difference of opinion creeps in. 

When it is your turn to speak, avoid condescending tones and be considerate of those in the video meeting. Communicate with them in a way that gets your point across, without coming across as combative. 

6. Have a High Level of Preparedness

No matter what your role in a team meeting video call is, always be prepared. If you are presenting, have all materials organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice. People do not want to see you stumbling through your device searching for the slide show you’d like to share.

As a general participant of a staff meeting, be well-versed in advance regarding what will likely come up during this gathering. In case you are called upon for an opinion, or to provide certain pieces of information, you want to be ready to contribute. 

7. Be On Time 

Simply put, don’t be late. Know which online meeting platform/video chat app is being used for the call and have the proper links and passwords at the ready. Next, get to the video call room a little early just in case any type of tech glitch occurs. 

If you happen to be someone who is required to be in multiple virtual meetings each day, schedule yourself accordingly. Manufacture 10–15-minute gaps between calls just in case one of them goes long. Just because a previous meeting runs late, that isn’t an excuse to be late for the next one. 

8. Have a Steady Internet Connection

When having a video call from company headquarters or your home office, chances are the Internet connectivity will be strong enough for a quality virtual meeting experience. Regardless of whether you have a wired or wireless connection at these venues, always double check that the signal is where it needs to be. 

For those times you need to enter a video conference from more of a remote setting – or while on the move with your smartphone or tablet – find an area with amazing connectivity, and stay put. Going from spot-to-spot could land you in a dead zone and a premature exit from a meeting.

9. Always be Focused

No matter how many video calls you have each week, do your best to maintain a high level of focus during each meeting. Doing so not only makes you a great teammate, but it will also allow you to maintain a firm grasp on the ins-and-outs of all matters being discussed. 

Let’s face it: you don’t want to be that person staring blankly at the screen, thinking about your evening plans, only to have the boss call on you for something.   

10. Develop a Collaborative Spirit

Even if your team meeting video call is keeping you at a distance from those you work with, online meeting platforms can still be used as a place to collaborate.

Once a project is assigned, gather with your teammates in a separate video conference to evaluate the elements of a task, then determine who will be responsible for what. Throughout these types of calls, always be ready to contribute, share ideas, help others develop their vision, and be open to suggestions on ways to improve your own work. 

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