How to Rebound After a Virtual Meeting Goes Poorly

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Whether you attend regular video calls or know how to host a meeting, chances are not all of them have gone swimmingly. While most professionals chase perfection, such a bar is challenging to reach – especially when technology is involved.

As outstanding as virtual meetings are, tech glitches can occur. Human error, meanwhile, is always an active variable when a group of people congregate for anything. At the end of the day, regardless of if it’s a video chat app freezing or someone unable to figure out the mute button, virtual meetings can go poorly.

Fortunately, since video conferences happen frequently in business, you will have a chance to quickly redeem yourself when trying to make up for a poor team meeting appearance. This is how you rebound:

Take Some Time to Self-Reflect 

If you had a rough virtual meeting, odds are you will be able to tell immediately upon exiting it – or in those moments when you wish the call would end sooner.

Regardless, as soon as the meeting concludes, think back to the moments in which you felt you could have performed at a higher level, or been better prepared. Write those instances down and consider how those negative aspects of your video call can be turned around. 

Acknowledging where something went wrong is the first step toward improving your online meeting platform presence.

Ask Other Attendees for Opinions and Advice

Even after your period of self-reflection, it doesn’t hurt to ask other attendees of a certain virtual meeting where you might have gone wrong, and how you can best correct these issues.

The right teammates will lend you a supportive shoulder, as well as offer you tips on how to improve your areas of concern. What’s more, they may also say that you are being too hard and/or critical of yourself, and easing up could be the ticket to you having a better live video chat online.

Look into Online Tutorials for Skill Development

Beyond self-reflection and coworker feedback, there are plenty of online tutorials that can help you improve your virtual meeting presence. 

Here, you can learn about exuding proper body language, keeping teammates engaged during a video call, or even how to successfully operate the online meeting platform you are using. These resources have been designed to help individuals enhance their communication skills, leadership tendencies, and tech IQ. 

Practice with a Friend or Family Member 

If you’ve had more than one bad online meeting and feel an urgent need to get things right again, ask a friend or family member to get online and serve as your audience. 

This is an amazing solution if you are attempting to perfect how to use specific virtual meeting tools like a digital whiteboard, screen sharing, or attendee polling. You can even use this as an opportunity to get an honest opinion about how your video looks, and audio sounds, from the room in which you do online meetings.

While you are at it, double check that your Internet connectivity is up to speed.

Approach Your Next Meeting with Confidence

Now, there is the possibility that your next virtual meeting could occur before you have had a chance to work through everything you’d like to fix. Don’t worry about this – these things take time.

That said, continue to enter these calls confidently and with a positive frame of mind. Don’t go into it thinking “this will be a bad meeting.” Go into it understanding what you need to improve upon, but do not let those peccadillos distract you from trying to do your best. Even if you are struggling, always put forth an honest effort. Those around you will appreciate that.

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