3 Virtual Meetings That Will Change Your Life

Or Have Already Done So

I’m not sure I need to tell you this but virtual meetings in general have already changed your life. Even if you’ve never attended one yourself. Your Mayor recently took a major decision to constrict the main street nearest your home with some development work after her staff were able to consult an overseas expert about its feasibility. Your doctor just suggested an experimental new approach to your sleep apnea after getting a deeper perspective on the new treatment through a virtual video conference. Your son just asked you for money to take a holiday trip to Australia after arranging to stay at someone’s house over there during a video call with his friend.

But when we discuss three virtual meetings which will actually change your life, or have already done so, we mean that in a more direct way. We’re talking about video calls that you can potentially engage in yourself or have already engaged in. Video conferencing on your own part which has the potential to radically change your life. Let’s take a look at three such video calls together, shall we?

1. Your First Ever Video Call

This was a natural choice for the first virtual meeting that will change your life. Or the one which already has. The first ever video call in your life is a paradigm shift. You mean I can see my friends and family without actually going over to them? A few cities over? Across continents?! Way cool! The idea of being able to talk to someone through a screen is mind blowing, particularly if you experience it after the age of 9 or 10.

Not that it’s any less of a paradigm shift experiencing virtual video calling at a much younger age. It’s just that you remember it less. I’m sure calling someone on the telephone for the first time was an amazing experience for me. But having spoken on the telephone for the first time at a very young age, I can’t remember how blown away I was.

Then again some people will argue that because you’re less aware of the low-tech limitations of natural communication as an infant, the extraordinary aspect of telecommunications is lost on you during your earliest childhood. That may or may not be the case, but the fact is that if you experienced or have yet to experience your first virtual meeting on video conferencing software beyond 9 or 10 years of age, it’s a life changing experience.

2. Your First Virtual Job Interview

More specifically, the first virtual job interview which actually lands you a job. If you’ve ever worked for anyone other than yourself, you’re probably familiar with the traditional recruitment cycles. The phone interview, the in-person interview, and perhaps even the second in-person interview. Some companies go so far as scheduling three in-person interviews in total. You might even have your own process for these recruitment cycles. What to wear, what to practice talking about, the career points to highlight, the extremes to avoid, etc. I like to call the entirety of this happening, both from your side and your potential employers’ side, “the wheel”.

And if you’ve gone through “the wheel” in the traditional sense, your first virtual job interview will blow you out of the water. Because it’s a whole different wheel. A reinvented wheel. For a start, the employers who embrace virtual interviews are more likely to shun the traditionally drawn-out recruitment cycles. Often enough, you’re hired from the first virtual interview. While that’s happening, your original process is changing too.

You dress nicely but for more comfort, to acknowledge the fact that you’re being interviewed from home. You have your favourite beverage next to your screen. You’ve got a bunch of written prompts and resume notes to help you answer career questions in detail without looking like you’re reading from a book. In a word, you’re more flexible. Being interviewed via video call online is a much more flexible experience for you. And a wondrous one if the interview goes well. The wonder of landing a job you want without leaving your home to interview for it. 

3. Your First Virtual Class

The odds are you’ve taken most of your classes in person, face to face, rather than attended them virtually. For most of us, going to class is inevitably associated with sitting in boredom while some teacher at the head of the class drones on and on about the subject of his or her professorship. So the first time we sit down to attend a virtual class through video conferencing solutions, do you expect to be anything less than absolutely amazed?

You can play games on your computer screen without worrying about disrespecting the teacher’s time. You can mute yourself and kill your video feed while you chat with your significant other, you can even nip off to the fridge for a snack. In fact, if the right video conferencing solution is being used, the entire virtual class can be recorded so you needn’t take notes during the actual video call. Heck, you can mute yourself out and basically sit out the entire class if you don’t feel like attending.

These are just 3 virtual meetings out of many that will or already have changed your life. As you explore the use of virtual meetings in today’s world, you may discover more. Start exploring the best way with a free trial from one of Banty’s video call platforms.

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