Why Virtual Meetings Benefit Remote Workers

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Adam Grant

Being able to work from home does have its benefits. There is zero commuting, you can create an ideal office space, all the while avoiding distractions that come about when surrounded by co-workers.

However, the lives of remote workers are far from ideal. As nice as it can be to have room to independently operate from home, it can feel as if you’re not totally a member of the team. One way to shift this feeling, though, is by embracing a virtual meeting platform like Banty, and participating in as many companywide video chats as possible. 

If you love the home office life but are still not sure about video conferencing, here’s why it benefits workers like you: 

Keeps You Connected to the Team 

The best way to feel like you are really a part of the team, is to be involved in team activities. It’s really that simple. 

For successful companies, the most important team activities are staff meetings. As more and more businesses get comfortable bringing in remote workers like you, they have to find a way to make you feel included, no matter where you’re based. 

Using a trustworthy and flexible video call platform helps this. In fact, it guarantees that you will have a regular opportunity to constructively participate in team initiatives and build quality workplace relationships.

Helps Provide Project Clarity

At times, project details can get lost in translation as more and more phone calls or emails are exchanged. This can be hard on remote workers, as you don’t have the ability to just stroll down the hall, lean on a co-worker’s desk, and confirm certain particulars.

With an easy-to-access virtual meeting platform at your fingertips, you can just hop online for a quick 10-minute chat to see that everyone is on the same page.

From a company’s perspective, this can improve productivity and make the work-from-home team feel more comfortable in their positions.

Adds a Social Element to the Day

Some might believe remote workers have it made, but performing a job this way can also feel rather lonely. This impacts a person’s mental wellbeing, which – in some cases – could subsequently hinder how a job is performed.

While you may know how to work from home, you may not be equipped to handle the isolating elements of it. As such, it’s important to participate in – and perhaps even initiate – a video chat with a co-worker.

Whether this is initiated to perk yourself up, or a team member you think is feeling distant, having a great virtual meeting can really go a long way.

Encourages Engagement

If you are in regular contact with co-workers, you will feel much more engaged in the projects and other happenings within the actual office space.

Work from home jobs do not need to be viewed as solo operations. Being open to collaboration and constant conversation sometimes helps bring important ideas to life. When keeping to yourself, a feeling of disengagement can overtake you and lead to disjointed work.

By remaining engaged – even from a distance – it becomes easier to maintain enthusiasm for your work and add a ‘wow’ factor to the assignments you complete.

Banty helps businesses of all shapes and sizes complete jobs from home, thanks to these exquisite features:

Unlimited Group Meetings: Host as many meetings as you’d like throughout the month.

Safety Measures: Our end-to-end encryption technology keeps meetings secure and private.

Productivity Tools: Stay productive and interactive with our screen share, digital whiteboard, polling, and YouTube streaming tools.

Meeting Management: Keep track of all your appointments with Banty’s intuitive scheduling capabilities.

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