What Video Calls Can Do for Established Companies

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When some companies reach certain levels of success or notoriety, they tend to rest on their laurels and industry reputation. However, as the business world continues to evolve, companies – no matter how well-established they are – have to be willing to move with the trends.

Even though video calls have now been around too long to technically be considered a trend, some companies either under-utilize the technology, or do not feel the need to embrace it.

Change can be hard, yes, but what’s harder is clientele moving on because your business wasn’t willing to move forward.

Here is what embracing video conferencing can do for long-standing companies:

Connect Better with Other Companies

While a deal may not live or die as a result of your perspective on video conferencing solutions for business, you could very well miss out on some opportunities you didn’t know were possible.

By connecting your company to a video chat app that’s easy, safe, and interactive, there will be an opportunity to comfortably host more virtual meetings. Simple math would tell us that the more virtual meetings you host, the better chance you have at building more relationships and generating better business.

Show You’re Willing to Change 

As hinted at earlier, you don’t want to be a dinosaur when it comes to business. By having a willingness to change how your company meets with clients, you are showing those in your market an interest in continual progression.

This is hugely important because certain clients do not want to join forces with companies stuck in their ways. They want to see an entity that doesn’t just recognize new technology and business practices: they want one who rides those waves with conviction.

Develop Higher-Quality Presentations

Many video conferencing platforms let companies create multimedia-laden presentations that are as informative as they are interactive and engaging.

In addition to screen sharing a slideshow, live video chat online services (like Banty) also let you share YouTube links directly with everyone on the call, and draw up new ideas on a digital whiteboard. If you’d like to get feedback from virtual meeting participants, the polling tool can then be put to use.

Expand Your Remote Workforce

As your company adapts its workflows and processes to fit with video call technology, there will be an opportunity to greatly expand your team.

Businesses around the world are getting more and more comfortable having members of their team work remotely. If you have this feeling as well – and the technology in place to manage remote workers – your company can open itself up to a whole new talent pool. No longer will you have to limit your hiring to those who live a reasonable distance away from the office.

Banty offers virtual meeting solutions for Business and Enterprise operations. If you are looking to take online staff meetings to the next level, we’re here to help. Tap here to learn about our video chat offerings, as well as our 14-day free trial period for new Banty subscribers.

These are just some of our amazing online meeting platform tools:

Custom URL: Each Banty user gets to create a custom, permanent URL (i.e., Banty.com/MyMeetingRoom).

Strong Security: Banty meeting rooms are protected with end-to-end encryption technology. This will keep your gatherings private and secure.

Door Lock: Use the door lock feature to ensure no one interrupts a meeting that is already in progress.

No More Dropped Calls: Manually adjust the quality of your meeting’s video feed so that no one prematurely exits the call.

Monitor Contributions: Keep track of just how much a certain person participated in a specific meeting.

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